Henry Cavill Speaks About Superman in ‘Batman v Superman’

Henry Cavill Superman

If you are wondering why Henry Cavill’s Superman doesn’t just squash Ben Affleck’s Batman in Batman v Superman, period, you’re not alone. This is a burning question fans have not been able to get the answer to until today.

The lovely Henry Cavill was at the London Collections: Men in London this past weekend, checking all the latest fashions. During the event, he took some questions from the press regarding this very topic.

We have all seen the amazing Batsuit and Batmobile Ben Affleck will use in Batman v Superman and they are impressive, even more so than those Christian Bale wore for The Dark Knight Trilogy. Bigger and better seems to be the theme with the latest superhero movies and Zack Snyder is making sure his characters will leave a lasting impression.

But how on Earth will Batman avoid being killed by one swipe of Superman’s hand? How fierce will their rivalry really be?

Earlier this year, Henry Cavill touched on the subject very briefly, when JoBlo asked the question?

“Well, if Superman is Superman, which he is, he wouldn’t,” Cavill said at the time. “And therein lies your answer.”

Reading between the lines, it’s quite simple really. Even though Superman has more than enough power to obliterate Batman, he will not because it’s not in his nature. He is a pacifist and we all saw how much it took for Superman to finally get rid of General Zod in that epic, controversial battle.

Even though it would be easy for Superman to really hurt Batman and possibly kill him, the Kryptonite is not a violent person whatsoever. On the contrary, Superman avoids conflict and walks away rather than getting in a fight.

This past weekend Henry Cavill expanded on this topic and got us a little inside his Superman’s motivations in Batman v Superman.

“Superman wouldn’t get into a cage fight with just anyone. Imagine, you wouldn’t get into a fight with someone if they hit you and you didn’t feel it, barely registered it. Superman wouldn’t even notice; he’s not quick to engage.”

As we impatiently await more promo material to dissect, as well as cast interviews to give us more details about what we can expect when Batman v Superman finally arrives in theaters, we thank Henry Cavill for throwing us a much needed bone concerning his character.

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Henry Cavill Movies: New Images Of Actor Training For ‘Stratton’ Revealed

Henry Cavill movies

Henry Cavill’s movies will be coming fast and furious within the next few years. A couple of images of the British actor in military garb, getting ready to start filming Stratton have been revealed.

Cavill has been training hard — what’s new? — for his new role as a Special Boat Service commando in the British military forces. The film is based on Duncan Falconer’s novels, which are a telling of his experiences during his time of service in the Royal Marines. His brother Nik, is a Royal Marine.

Despite being in incredibly good shape thanks to playing the Man of Steel, Henry has had to continue his brutal training and learn additional skills such as shooting a rifle and jumping from a plane. Henry Cavill always seems to do these tasks with good humor and understanding that it comes with the roles he undertakes.

Stratton also marks his debut as a producer. Henry and brother, Charlie Cavill formed Promethean Productions and this will be their first project. Cavill is also personally involved with the Royal Marines Charitable Trust Fund, which supports military veterans.

Falconer himself has praised Henry Cavill and his work ethics, after meeting the star and taking him shooting. On May 5, the author posted this on his Facebook page.

“Stratton update: I took Henry pistol shooting last week. We went to a secret location in England where the SAS and SBS occasionally drop by to brush up on their speed skills. Henry’s an excellent shot for such a short period of training. His instructor is one of the best in the business. We put down a lot of rounds and used the famous Red Dot sight used by UK and US SF and, incidentally, patented by Henry’s instructor. So when you see the movie, pay particular attention to the way he holds the pistol and fires and you might notice the subtle but critical difference between a professional and someone pretending to be!”

Check out the new images of Henry Cavill training for his new movie via Henry Cavill News.

Henry Cavill as Stratton

Image via GFM Films

Henry Cavill training

Image via Michael Blevins

For more information on the latest Henry Cavill movies, stay tuned to this space.

[Image via GFM Films]