Richard Armitage Is Outstanding As ‘The Great Red Dragon’ In His ‘Hannibal’ Debut

Richard Armitage transforms into The Great Red Dragon

The much awaited debut of Richard Armitage as “The Great Red Dragon” in Hannibal happened on Saturday night and it was outstanding. But we already knew it would be.

Showrunner Bryan Fuller and executive producer Martha De Laurentii have been singing Armitage’s praises on Twitter and at the San Diego Comic Con. Fuller even went as far as saying he and his editing team had been brought to tears as they watched the British actor’s footage of his portrayal of the serial killer Francis Dolarhyde, a.k.a The Red Dragon/The Tooth Fairy.

Francis Dolarhyde is a disturbed man, who has a cleft palate, and was abandoned by his mother after his birth because she was too disgusted by his deformity. The serial killer has murdered entire families, the aftermath of which we witness when Will Graham (Hugh Dancy) visits one of the homes. Bloody doesn’t even begin to describe what he sees at the crime scene.

Richard Armitage debut Red Dragon

Richard Armitage as The Great Red Dragon in Hannibal (NBC)

In his deranged mind, Dolarhyde has dreams on grandeur and is a big fan of Dr. Hannibal Lecter (Mads Mikkelsen), who three years later from the events we saw in Season 3’s previews episode, is imprisoned in a mental institution. Will, very reluctantly, reaches out to Hannibal for his help in finding the serial killer.

If you didn’t know Richard Armitage before Saturday night, you were most certainly wondering who this man is and why you haven’t heard of him before this. Despite his 43-years of age, Armitage is still mostly unknown in the U.S., not so in the U.K. and has legions of adoring fans who were all aflutter last night watching their man blow everyone away.

The transformation was nothing short of brilliant and if Richard Armitage doesn’t get an Emmy nod, we will hear about it. The interesting thing is that he didn’t even speak. Not one word in the entire episode, but the display of physical strength in his yoga moves was stunning and the result of the renowned dedication to his craft.

We also got a glimpse at the horrible aftermath of his latest crime, against the Leeds family, in which he murders the parents and two young kids in cold blood. If you have read the book, you know that we will hear more about what Dolarhyde actually did at this particular crime scene.

In sum, Richard Armitage’s performance was stunningly beautiful considering the character he portrays, which is in tune with the incredible cinematography Fuller brings to Hannibal. The showrunner and De Laurentiis promise even more greatness to come as the season moves on to its end. Sadly NBC has chosen to cancel the show — which received second place in Saturday night’s ratings — and Fuller hasn’t found a home for it yet. A movie focused on the Red Dragon is one possibility being discussed at this time.

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Richard Armitage Finally Recognized For ‘The Hobbit’ At Saturn Awards, Speaks Of ‘Hannibal’

Richard Armitage Saturn Awards

British actor Richard Armitage who gave a compelling performance as Thorin Oakenshield, the leader of the dwarves in The Hobbit trilogy, was finally recognized for The Battle of The Five Armies at the Saturn Awards.

On Thursday, fans of the handsome actor were elated that their man finally received the recognition he deserved for his masterful portrayal of the moody J.R.R. Tolkien character. Armitage was in command of all his scenes, especially in the last film of the trilogy, The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies and many felt that the film and his performance were shunned by the Oscars and other major awards, with no acting nominations to speak of.

At the Saturn Awards on Thursday, a very excited Richard Armitage received his much deserved award as Best Supporting Actor and thanked the Academy of Science Fiction Fantasy and Horror for their recognition on Twitter.

Richard was also there as part of the cancelled Hannibal cast and crew. Showrunner Bryan Fuller and co. have been using social media to find a new outlet that will continue to carry the masterfully produced horror TV show, one of the best out there.

Ironically the show scooped up three Saturn Awards after being cancelled by NBC. Richard Armitage was interviewed by Collider and spoke about his much awaited appearance as the serial killer, the Red Dragon in Hannibal.

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Congratulations to Richard Armitage on his Saturn Awards for The Hobbit. We can’t wait to see the Red Dragon in Hannibal!

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Charities On Social Media……And The Celebrities That Support Them

Luke Evans

Charities have always relied on public support to reach their goals, and used direct mailing, magazines, advertising and their websites to reach their supporters and donors.
But more and more charities are looking at Social Media to reach a larger number of people. Not only does that give charities the opportunity to get in touch with more potential supporters, but also a chance to interact one-on-one with the public through tweets, posts or message boards.

An article in The Guardian described in 2013 how to look at different Social Media channels and choose the one that is right for you, and how to use it effectively.

“When planning your social media campaign, think carefully about what you want to achieve and who you want to engage with, then choose your channels based on who you want to reach. For example, LinkedIn is a professional tool, whereas Facebook tends to target a broader and younger audience. While it’s tempting to throw yourself in and sign up to as many free accounts as you can, be aware that you will need to interact if you want supporters to view your social media stream as a reliable way to communicate with you. Keep your social media moving – introduce news, provide usable content, stay active and regularly update your information. Nobody is going to interact with an account that’s been dormant for six months, so stay relevant and topical where possible.”

Charities always tried to connect with celebrities to support their cause through campaigns or as a spokes person. Now we see a lot of actors not only donate their time, but also use their Social Media accounts as a platform to get the message out to their followers.

Luke Evans saying NO to cyberabuse

Luke Evans on Cyber Abuse

Luke Evans is very active in supporting charities through Twitter, Face Book or on Instagram. We saw Luke tweet about Movember last November, he has been a Bvlgari ‘Save The Children’ Ambassador for a long time, our header image shows him at the RBC race for the kids at Battersea park, he tweets about “Save Mali the Elephant”, “Save the Arctic” and just recently ” Cash& Rocket”-Raising money for women and children in Africa.

Luke Evans for Cash & Rocket

Luke Evans for Cash & Rocket

His fans love him for supporting all these good causes and came up with the idea to collect money amongst themselves through a fundraiser in honor of his 36th birthday to War Child UK.

Fundraiser for Luke Evans

Sandra at Luke Evans Talk set up fundraiser with his Luketeers

Other actors who donate their time and throw the support of their fans and followers behind a good cause are Chris Pratt, Robert Downey Jr. or Richard Armitage to name just a few!
These are two of many tweets from June 18th for Cybersmile!

Richard Armitage

Richard Armitage for Cybersmile Foundation

Richard Armitage #SCD2015

Richard Armitage #SCD2015

If you love Social Media as much as we do you can see many examples of celebrities supporting a good cause. One more person we would like to mention is Ricky Gervais. He tirelessly supports animal rights on his Twitter account with 8.7 Million followers. Please check out #StopYuLin2015! It is a campaign against the torture and abduction of cats and dogs for the Yulin Dog Meat Festival. We all can make a difference by tweeting about it using hashtag #StopYuLin2015

Richard Armitage Is Medieval Knight In First ‘Pilgrimage’ Photos

Richard Armitage in Pilgrimage new photos

Richard Armitage is wielding a sword yet again for Pilgrimage, a medieval tale that also stars Jon Bernthal (The Walking Dead) and Tom Holland, who is in the running for the role of Spider-Man.

The plot takes place in the 13th century, in Ireland where a group of monks undertake a pilgrimage to transport their monastery’s holiest relic to Rome. When the true significance of the relic is revealed, the journey becomes much more treacherous, and the group’s faith and loyalty to one another are tested, according to the plot synopsis from the exclusive report in the Hollywood Reporter.

Richard Armitage is no stranger to period pieces and this time will portray a misanthropic knight with whom the group of monks are forced to band to protect the precious relics. Bernthal plays a mute brother with a violent past and Holland plays a pious young novice.

Richard Armitage, Tom Holland, and Jon Bernthal shared several photos of their time together throughout the filming of Pilgrimage in Ireland and Belgium.

There is no official release date yet, but THR reports the film will do a lot of promo with the Toronto Film Festival and the American Film Market. Pilgrimage is directed by Brendan Muldowney.

[Image via XYZ Films]

Richard Armitage Talks Cyberbullying And Reality TV

Richard Armitage cyberbullying

Richard Armitage did a fascinating interview for Cybersmile, an organization that focuses on cyberbullying and took the opportunity discuss reality TV and social media. As usual, it’s revealing.

He calls himself shy and anyone who is a fan can certainly see that in the handsome, tall, and dark Armitage, which can be confused with broodiness. The news that he was named a Cybersmile Ambassador made his fans happy and they’re ready promote the heck out of this cause.

In an exclusive interview with the organization — posted on their website — Richard Armitage talked about his experience with social media so far. It took what seemed like forever for him to finally be convinced to join — which was his birthday present to fans last year — and he’s still not sure about it, but has strong feelings about abusers and is ready to take a stand for the innocent. Awww!

“I have always been prepared for social media to be an experiment. I have asked on my Twitter feed for users to avoid bad language if they can, I’m aware that there are very young, old, and just sensitive people who may be frightened away. And as my Twitter feed is ‘my bar’ you have to play by ‘my rules’ if you don’t like it, you are free to go elsewhere. I’d happily have no followers at all than nasty abusive ones.”

“Block and Mute are two gifts that twitter have given us. But I’m also not averse to shutting the whole thing down and pulling the plug. For young people this is much more difficult, as they may become ostracized. I do think we are all much more aware of Cyberbullying, but regulations aren’t really going to work, we have to be responsible for each other.”

“Your words ricochet, they can be read and re-read, long after you have forgotten about it. Be good to each other.”

These statements should come as no surprise to anyone who knows Richard Armitage. His thoughtfulness comes through every time he does an interview and talks in depth about his latest roles. Fans respect and admire that in his personality.

The Hobbit star also has decided opinions about the whole reality TV issue and it’s not a favorable one, but it’s refreshing:

“The one thing that fills me with a sinking feeling, are the endless reality shows which seem to foster extremes of negative, dishonorable, rude arrogant behavior.”

“From The Real Housewives of…pretty much everywhere”; adults reduced to hair pulling, name calling, playground behavior, to the rather more serious, extremely offensive racist remarks that President Obama received via Twitter, it seems that bullying has become a kind of entertainment, and ‘in extremis’…a hate crime…the entertainment industry has a lot to answer for.”

Richard confesses that part of his shyness is that he never particularly liked himself when he was younger, courtesy of mean kids that bullied him because he was different. “I read a lot, played a lot of music, dreamed a lot. I love getting into the skin of another person, living lives I’ll never live. Imagining.” the 43-year-old says.

If you follow him on Twitter, you have seen that Richard is always polite and respectful and he expects the same from his followers, which is high expectations when it comes to the social media world. But he makes very clear how important it is to watch what you say.

“Well everyone is a critic aren’t they. And the printed word can often look like ‘critical analysis’. There are professional critics and arm chair critics but after all, everything is always opinion. You are free to have yours, and you may choose to share that opinion or keep it quietly to yourself. Remember that your opinion isn’t necessarily the same as someone else.”

“Debate is great, and being right or wrong isn’t the point. The ability to discuss and enjoy disagreeing in harmony is where our culture began; in the philosophical forums of Ancient Greece. Live and let live, agree to disagree, be prepared to have your mind changed but accept that some people like ‘red’ and some prefer ‘blue’. Chicken or Beef, Beach or Snow, Dogs or Cats, Beard or Clean Shaven 🙂 everything is valid.”

We told you he has very defined opinions, but he can also be funny and has quickly learned the art of sharing awesome selfies on social media. You can follow Richard on Twitter @RCArmitage if you know what’s best for you.

Go to Cybersmile to read the entire, fascinating interview with Richard Armitage.

[Image via Richard Armitage/Twitter]

Where Are They Now? – Or How To Get Over BOFA Withdrawal Symptoms?

Battle Of The Five Armies

I am sure we all felt sad walking out of the movie theatre after having watched The Hobbit Battle Of The Five Armies, knowing this was the last chapter. Many went to watch it multiple times, but it was hard having to say “good bye” to characters we came to care about so much.
“Will you follow me one last time?” was bitter sweet, not only for us, but also for the cast.

Now we have to deal with post BOFA withdrawal symptoms. Buying to own the movie certainly helped! We are happy though to notice that all cast members moved on to new projects, and we are taking this moment to research where we can see them again in the near future.

Peter Jackson and Lee Pace

Andrew Lesnie with Lee Pace on set of BOFA

Let’s look at the director Peter Jackson first. The website IMDb
shows him as the producer of The Adventures of Tintin: Prisoners of the Sun to be completed in 2016.

Lee Pace looks very busy having completed the TV series The Mindy Project in 2015, as well as Halt and Catch Fire. Two movies Revolt and The Program are listed to be in post-production, and Reds and Grays is in pre-production.

Luke Evans

Luke Evans Bard the Bowman

One of our favorites, Luke Evans, has so many projects even the most dedicated fans can’t keep up with his full schedule! Almost immediately after doing some promo work, he filmed Message from the King in Los Angeles, did a quick appearance for Fast and Furious 7, he is currently filming Beauty and the Beast, where he plays the villain Gaston. He played Richard Wilder in High Rise, which is listed to be in post-production and three other films Free Fire, Three Seconds and SAS: Red Notice are already in pre-production.

Additionally he made an appearance at HobbitCon 3 in Bonn and one just recently at the Shanghai Comic Convention, and our heads are spinning.

Another busy actor is Richard Armitage. He went on stage in Crucible last year, is on TV in Hannibal right now, and lists three movies in post production on IMDb Pilgrimage
, Urban & the Shed Crew and Sleepwalker

Richard Armitage as Thorin

Richard Armitage as Thorin Oakenshield

Martin Freeman is working on Fun House and Captain America: Civil War. He continues to play Watson in Sherlock and also stars in Funny Cow, which is in pre-production.

Ian McKellen, Gandalf in The Hobbit movies, is Sherlock Holmes in Mr. Holmes. His TV movie The Dresser is post production while he is playing aongside Luke Evans in Beauty and the Beast and filming Animal Crackers as well. There is also the rumored Untitled Noel Coward Biopic and delayed The Curse of the Buxom Strumpet.

Orlando Bloom is filming Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales after having finished Unlocked and Digging for Fire.

Aidan Turner is lending his voice to Loving Vincent while his The Secret Scripture is finishing up in post-production. He has also become a television sensation with his series Poldark.

We are looking forward to a new Marvel movie Ant-Man premiering July 17th in the US with Evangeline Lily, and the preview looks very promising!

Evangeline Lily

Evangeline Lily

Rounding out the field are Graham McTavish who lists Creed and The Finest Hours in post-production while getting ready for The Stolen, and Jed Brophy, our Nori, is preparing for his role in a Western movie Trail’s End, and has The Dead Room finishing up.

There are too many to list, Adam Brown and Stephen Frye amongst others, all are working on new films and projects. We are waiting to see the cast of The Hobbit in many new successful roles and are wishing everybody the best.

Who Should Play James Bond Next?

The question of who should play James Bond next is a burning one for fans of the spy franchise and without even knowing which studio will get the distribution rights, it’s one that at this point has no definitive answer. However, this doesn’t mean we can’t talk about it and imagine our favorite actor following in Daniel Craig’s footsteps.

As with anybody who has been cast as the suave 007, there will be controversy. Craig himself was not a popular choice with fans or previous James Bond’s, he was “too blonde” and “too old” for the role, however, he has proven his critics wrong and made the last three installments the most successful at the box office. Skyfall received several award nominations.

Now let’s take a look at who on Earth could replace the current James Bond, Daniel Craig. Almost all of them have expressed interest in the role (for good reason).


Henry Cavill as James Bond

Henry Cavill in The Man From U.N.C.L.E (Image via

Of all the possible candidates, Henry Cavill was the one who has come closer to actually playing James Bond. In 2005 — when he was only 22 — he auditioned for the role, which he describes as “really painful” and almost landed the part.

However, studio executives thought he was too young at the time and the role went to Daniel Craig. Ten-years-later he is at the perfect age (32) and has a legion of fans who would love to see him play 007, but can this reconcile with his superhero image?

Henry is certainly fit enough and has the looks to play Bond. He even got a taste of playing a spy in his upcoming film The Man From U.N.C.L.E.. We wouldn’t complain if Henry Cavill was cast as James Bond.


Richard Armitage as James Bond

Richard Armitage in Spooks (BBC)

This is an interesting possibility. Tall, dark, brooding, and such a fantastic actor. Richard Armitage is also the correct age and his credentials — while not of the blockbuster nature — speak for themselves. A theater trained actor, he recently blew audiences away in the stage production of The Crucible.

His best known role on the silver screen is that of Thorin Oakenshield, the leader of the dwarves in Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit trilogy and oh, what a performance. Armitage is widely admired, not only by legions of adoring fans, but peers and directors as well for his work ethics and with reason. The deep, velvety voice doesn’t hurt either.

Richard Armitage, 43, is certainly at the right age and has the good looks and intensity to play James Bond. He has proven that he can carry a movie and is used to playing action roles. We will be able to admire his skills when he appears as the serial killer The Tooth Fairy/Red Dragon in NBC’s Hannibal. Oh and he also starred in Spooks as MI-5 agent Lucas North.


Luke Evans as James Bond

Luke Evans in The Great Train Robbery (BBC)

Another interesting prospect, Luke Evans has expressed interest in the role of James Bond and is also used to playing very physical roles, which amount to the majority of his growing resume. Luke also came from theater, though in a different genre. Musical theater is his background and boy he can sing.

Singing is not required to play James Bond, but Luke Evans should be in any list of possible candidates. An actor who has proven he can undertake any role, and is ruggedly handsome (plus has that awesome Welsh accent) he specifically said that he would love the challenge of playing 007, while praising what Daniel Craig has done for the franchise.

“I think that’s a really good role. Daniel Craig has turned that role into something very special and as an actor of my age that would be a really great thing and I think the world needs a Welsh James Bond.”

In real life, Luke Evans is the epitome of fashion and can be seen at various events looking very dapper, which can easily be translated to the big screen.


Tom Hiddleston as James Bond

Tom Hiddleston via Jaguar France (YouTube)

We mostly know him as the villain Loki, from Thor and Avengers, but Tom Hiddleston is so much more than a baddie. Though many think he would be an excellent Bond villain, he also has the looks and talent to play the man himself.

He is British, which in our opinion is the basic requirement and he can act. Like the previous candidates, he comes from theater and has appeared in anything from superhero movies to Shakespearean characters with ease. Even though he’s a bit young, like Cavill, by the time the next James Bond movie is ready to go under production he would be ripe for the role.


Jason Statham as James Bond

Jason Statham in Killer Elite (Open Road Films)

This action star cannot be discounted when talking about the next James Bond and Jason Statham recently expressed his interest in playing 007 when Daniel Craig retires. He “enthusiastically” told the Guardian that if he was ever offered the gig he would be up for it.

“Could I do it? Abso-f**king-lutely,” he said. “Would I do it? Abso-f**king-lutely.”

Statham also thinks that Daniel Craig has brought new energy to the role, but said that if he was cast as James Bond he would take on the Ian Fleming character in a “different” way.

“Yeah, I’d make a decent Bond,” Statham said. “But it’d be very, very different if I did it.”


Matthew Macfadyen as James Bond

Matthew Macfadyen in Spooks (BBC)

Mr. Darcy as James Bond? Not a bad possibility and according to the handsome Brit, he was approached by studio executives about playing 007.

“”Yes, they might have. I don’t know about Bond. It’s a weird one, isn’t it? It’s a bit camp. It would change your life.”

There are few that do brooding better than Matthew Macfadyen and he certainly has what it takes, although he’s not known for undertaking particularly physical roles. However, he has the talent and given the motivation Macfadyen could play the most famous spy of all time. Earlier in his career he starred as Tom Quinn — the original MI-5 agent — in the very popular spy series, Spooks, where he incidentally met his wife, Keeley Hawes.

Unfortunately, for fans, so far it doesn’t seem like Matthew Macfadyen is interested in having his life turned upside down by becoming James Bond, but never say never. Macfadyen is the personification of tall, dark, and broody on the big screen if not so in real life and we will have to wait and see if he can be convinced.


Christian Bale as James Bond

Christian Bale as Bruce Wayne in The Dark Knight (Warner Bros.)

Another Welsh would could very well take on the iconic role of James Bond, Christian Bale is a proven actor, and while not the handsome type, as many of those already listed, he has more than enough credentials to follow in Daniel Craig’s footsteps.

Bale is best known for playing Batman in Christopher Nolan’s trilogy, but has many, many films under his belt in an impressive filmography. What do you think of Christian Bale as James Bond?


Gerard Butler as James Bond

Gerard Butler in Olympus Has Fallen (Millennium Films)

He’s getting there in age and at 45 would be a bit old by the time Daniel Craig is done with James Bond, but Gerry Butler would do a nice 007. He has that perpetual smirk, which gives the impression he’s a bad boy and the ladies love him.

The handsome Scot got in a bit of hot water when he joked about being cast as 007. However, franchise producer Barbara Broccoli quickly dismissed the rumors and insisted that Pierce Brosnan (James Bond at the time) was the man for the foreseeable future.


Idris Elba as James Bond

Idris Elba in Luther (BBC)

The Internet was in an uproar when the infamous Sony hack revealed emails suggesting Idris Elba was being eyed to play James Bond. For his fans, it was music to their ears.

If you’ve ever seen Elba in action, you know he can act and in a variety of roles. He does brooding very well as he proved in Luther and was all over the place in the action film Pacific Rim. So why not? Not how many would picture James Bond, but it’s all about the acting chops, right?

Do you have a favorite actor in mind to play James Bond after Daniel Craig departs? Let us know in the comments. What do you think of our list?

[Image via EON Productions]

British Actors To Follow On Twitter — Who Are The Best?

British actors Twitter

British actors have invaded American cinemas and left a lasting impression on U.S. fans, who seem to adore anything that comes from across the Atlantic. Many of them use Twitter on a regular basis, but who are the best to follow?

When a popular actor with a large fan base joins Twitter it’s a happy days for the fandom — we’re not sure how the actor feels. Many have misgivings and some have sworn never to join social media for several reasons, most of which have to do with their privacy.

Of course, it’s up to the actor himself, how much he or she shares, but let’s face it, if you’re on Twitter, you are most likely to share than not and your fans will love you for it. So let’s take a look at who you should be following, if you’re new to Twitter and looking for lovely British actors.


Luke is as lovely as they come and his fans are lucky to have him on Twitter. He is generous with his selfies and keeps everyone updated as to what he’s up to, except when he’s on location, which has been often these past few years.

After his career took off, he has been working non-stop and as a result, his fanbase has grown exponentially. He has participated in several Q&As for his latest films and is always willing to share little bits of his life, which his adoring fans love. He’s one of the best. Follow @thereallukevans (yes, one ‘e’ is missing).


After being begged for years, Richard finally joined Twitter on his birthday in 2014 much to his Army’s surprise. The tall, handsome Brit had forsworn joining social media and sharing what he was having for lunch.

But for some reason he caved and Twitter was in a frenzy on that special day. Now he has turned into a pro, sharing selfies of different locations he finds himself in, as if he had always been around. We’re not sure who is giving him lessons, but kudos. The Armitage Army couldn’t be happier to have @RCarmitage.


A.k.a Loki (Thor) is one of the most beloved British actors on Twitter. Anywhere he goes and whoever he meets, Tom Hiddleston, doesn’t fail to make a great impression because of his modesty and good humor.

We can’t say he’s an avid user, but Tom most definitely keeps fans up-to-date on his whereabouts and his fans couldn’t be more grateful. Someone recently dubbed Tom’s fans the nicest bunch he had met. A reflection of @twhiddleston surely.


Dan is one of the best British actors to follow, even though he doesn’t tweet as often as he used to back in his Downton Abbey days and who can blame him. With a very busy career and two young kids at home, he surely doesn’t have time for Twitter anymore.

However, when he does, he always has something interesting to say about a new role. Dan is a smart cookie and his very British sense of humor certainly shines through in his tweets don’t miss @thatdanstevens.


The former Harry Potter star is also an avid user and she also keeps a very popular Facebook page in which she shares her U.N Ambassador Goodwill Ambassador and Women’s Equality happenings, as well as what’s going on with her career.

After the announcement of her casting as Belle in the live-action Disney version of Beauty and the Beast she warmly welcomed her co-stars as their own announcements became official. Who couldn’t love @emwatson?


Even though Tom’s been quite politically outspoken lately, he’s a good one to follow on Twitter and if you’re a fan of his Sleepy Hollow then you will want to see what the the period drama favorite is up to.

We wrote about politics, actors, and social media before and if you’re not too turned off by that, make sure to check out Tom @TomMison.


He is a classic and we’re lucky to have Sir Ian on Twitter. McKellen tweets frequently and has more than 2 million fans following him. That’s impressive.

Despite being 75-years-young, Ian McKellen still acts in movies regularly, including reprising his Lord of the Rings role for director Peter Jackson in The Hobbit trilogy. Follow this interesting character @IanMcKellen.


His career is finally taking off and after starring in The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey as the CGI charachter, Gollum, Andy Serkis is sharing his adventures on Twitter and fans love it.

With appearances in Avengers: Age of Ultron and the hugely anticipated Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Serkis is one to watch and follow @andyserkis, you’ll have some good laughs.

The list goes on and it depends of what sort of movie you’re into, but following British actors on Twitter is certainly a fun thing. Some very popular ones — such as Henry Cavill, a.k.a Superman — are not on this list because they are not on social media. Don’t be fooled, if there’s not a blue check mark next to their names it’s not them. Many of these actors have several fan pages where you can also keep up-to-date with their latest projects.

Do you follow any other British actor on Twitter? Do share!

[Image courtesy of Luke Evans/Whosay]