Gary Shore – An Up And Coming New Talent From Ireland – Director Of ‘Dracula Untold’

Gary Shore

A lot of us enjoyed watching Dracula Untold starring Luke Evans and Sarah Gaddon, but not many of us notice the names of directors of our favorite movies.

If you compare the amount of followers the director is left in the dust, behind his stars with only 1,223, so please find him at @garyshore81 According to IMDb “Gary Shore is a director hailing from Artane on Dublin’s North side.

Having studied film in GMIT and IADT, Ireland, and fine art at Central Saint Martins in London, Gary carved out a career as a high-end commercials director for some of the worlds biggest brands, before transitioning to film with his first feature, Dracula Untold. Gary first came to Hollywood’s attention in 2009 for a faux film trailer he directed called The Cup of Tears, which lead to a development deal with Working Title Films, and a subsequent three picture deal with Universal.”

Gary is not very active on his Twitter account, but he did a live Q & A on Twitter earlier this year where he answered patiently any question thrown at him with a surprising sense of humor spending over three hours with his fans. You can see all questions and his answers at this link created by a twitter account @saou_SJ

Currently Gary is working as a producer for ArtCastle Productions on a new project, a Horror Anthology called Holidays. He is also listed on Demanjo as a contributing director next to Kevin Smith, Scott Stewart and Matt Johnson among others. Each feature segment is based on a holiday such as Christmas, Easter, Valentine’s Day, Halloween, Mother’s Day, and Gary’s contribution is very appropriate given his Irish heritage, St. Patrick’s Day!

Holidays The Movie

Every One Has A Dark Side
Holidays The Movie

On IMDb Gary Shore is listed as having started filming for Holidays on May 5th 2015. With so many holidays included in the anthology one can only speculate on a release date. We wish Gary Shore best of luck for his new project. We also still hope for a sequel of Dracula Untold, even though he gave us little hope during his Q & A on Twitter, and look forward to his next tweet.

The Softer Side Of Social Media: The Moving Story Of Simon Skyfall

Simon Skyfall cancer

We have written previously about the down side of Social Media, and the reasons why an actor or director might leave Social Media altogether. But besides connecting an actor to his fans, there is also another, softer, more personal side to a Social Media platform like Twitter.

We recently connected with Simon Skyfall, “an actor, Equity member, Pilot, FSX nutter, lover of aviation, Arsenal fan, and lazy Writer.” Asked why he calls himself Simon Skyfall he explains on his website.

“As you can see from this screen shot of the 2013 massive James Bond hit film Skyfall, I was a supporting artist who was lucky enough to have been featured in three shots in the James Bond movie. That’s me with the goatee beard looking very serious, but inside I could not stop screaming ‘I’m in a James Bond film!'”

Simon Pal in Skyfall

Simon in James Bond film Skyfall

Simon was also featured in Gary Shore’s Dracula Untold alongside Luke Evans. He is a Pilot’s License Trainee and according to his Twitter page bio “Oh Yea nearly forgot, have cancer,never mind.” Born in England 1966, he was “given the wonderful 48th birthday present of being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.”

But instead of being negative he sees this as an opportunity to reach out to others, people in the same situation as himself, who need support. He is writing in his blog about his career, life, family, and his treatment to “get it out there as a part of my therapy to make sense of my life and my illness. Hope you don’t mind.”

Simon enjoys the support he receives from his followers on Twitter and writes on his blog, “Another thing that has really lifted up my spirits is the social media platform of Twitter. I have had such a fantastic response on this and have so many fabulous and caring followers its an absolute joy to use, so I really recommend you if you haven’t already to sign up and join in the fun, there are so many good, kind and warm hearted people out there you can connect to.”

Simon only tweeted yesterday about having been very ill, but all the kind follows and tweets really helped him to get through the day. One follower in particular put, according to him, “a massive smile on his face” through her hard work trying to get more people to follow this inspirational person! Even bad days like these make him “appreciate the good days far more; to fight to have more of them. It’s going 2 b ok”.

We were so impressed by his positive attitude that he kindly allowed us to share his story. “It would be a privilege and an honor to be a part of this and being able to help out.” To find out more about this amazing man and how he is taking his life one day at a time, take a look at his blog and follow him on Twitter to support his fight against cancer.

[Image via Simon Skyfall]