Gary Shore – An Up And Coming New Talent From Ireland – Director Of ‘Dracula Untold’

Gary Shore

A lot of us enjoyed watching Dracula Untold starring Luke Evans and Sarah Gaddon, but not many of us notice the names of directors of our favorite movies.

If you compare the amount of followers the director is left in the dust, behind his stars with only 1,223, so please find him at @garyshore81 According to IMDb “Gary Shore is a director hailing from Artane on Dublin’s North side.

Having studied film in GMIT and IADT, Ireland, and fine art at Central Saint Martins in London, Gary carved out a career as a high-end commercials director for some of the worlds biggest brands, before transitioning to film with his first feature, Dracula Untold. Gary first came to Hollywood’s attention in 2009 for a faux film trailer he directed called The Cup of Tears, which lead to a development deal with Working Title Films, and a subsequent three picture deal with Universal.”

Gary is not very active on his Twitter account, but he did a live Q & A on Twitter earlier this year where he answered patiently any question thrown at him with a surprising sense of humor spending over three hours with his fans. You can see all questions and his answers at this link created by a twitter account @saou_SJ

Currently Gary is working as a producer for ArtCastle Productions on a new project, a Horror Anthology called Holidays. He is also listed on Demanjo as a contributing director next to Kevin Smith, Scott Stewart and Matt Johnson among others. Each feature segment is based on a holiday such as Christmas, Easter, Valentine’s Day, Halloween, Mother’s Day, and Gary’s contribution is very appropriate given his Irish heritage, St. Patrick’s Day!

Holidays The Movie

Every One Has A Dark Side
Holidays The Movie

On IMDb Gary Shore is listed as having started filming for Holidays on May 5th 2015. With so many holidays included in the anthology one can only speculate on a release date. We wish Gary Shore best of luck for his new project. We also still hope for a sequel of Dracula Untold, even though he gave us little hope during his Q & A on Twitter, and look forward to his next tweet.

Luke Evans — A Look At His Unconventional Rise To Fame

Luke Evans movies

Luke Evans has been working hard and his efforts are certainly paying off if his latest movie roles are any indication.

Traveling the globe to promote his new and old films, the Welsh star is always a hit with audiences. He charms fans with his easy going personality and musical skills, which we will be able to finally enjoy on screen when he stars in the live-action Disney version of Beauty and the Beast.

Yes, in case you didn’t get the memo, he can sing. As a matter of fact he started his career in musical theater many years ago and used to grace London’s West End stages in the early 2000s in plays such as Rent, Taboo, Piaf, and others, until a Hollywood scout spotted him and he landed his first major movie role as the Greek god, Apollo, in Clash of the Titans (2010).

Coming from a modest upbringing in Wales, where he went door to door with his parents as a Jehova Witness, Luke Evans didn’t have an easy childhood and has confessed he was bullied at school, a topic which he has talked about publicly. Despite all the talk about his private life, we can safely say Luke Evans is adored by his fans. He truly is.

It’s not only his rugged good looks and talent that people are drawn to, Luke has a way of making fans feel like they’re good friends and spends some of his time patiently doing Q&As on Twitter. When he first joined the social media site, back in June 2011, he used to chat with them pretty often, while working non-stop on several movies, but he still finds time to post the almost weekly selfie and be gracious knowing fans are expecting something from him.

Some of his movies have not done well at the box office, but Luke Evans has almost unanimously receives good reviews for his performances, which are varied and eclectic. He has played two Greek gods — Apollo and Zeus in Immortals (2011), the musketeer Aramis in The Three Musketeers (2011), an international criminal in Fast & Furious 6, a blood-thirsty psychopath in No One Lives, a dragon slayer in The Hobbit Trilogy, a train robber in The Great Train Robbery, and the daddy of all vampires in Dracula Untold, among others.

Luke Evans Dracula Untold

Luke Evans as Vlad the Impaler in Dracula Untold (Universal)

Fans clearly can’t get enough of the handsome Welsh and Luke Evans is set to continue to grace big screens all around the world with his very interesting role choices. After Immortals — for which he was seen wearing a skirt — Luke has transformed his body and become ripped in order to take on the very physical roles he plays. Luke said that his fitness regimen is now a part of his daily life and he follows a strict diet and exercise plan.

Aside from Beauty and the Beast, Luke is taking a break from big blockbusters to focus on the lesser budget films including, High Rise (alongside Tom Hiddleston and Jeremy Irons), SAS: Red Notice where he will put on the military uniform, Message from the King, and Free Fire.

Luke got a late start in the Hollywood scene, but is catching up and studios are paying attention. With a steady flow of good scripts, the 36-year-old is keeping busy and keeping fans happy with his on screen appearances and is even playing leading men.

Luke Evans has several roles in the pipeline and is currently training to play Tom Buckingham in SAS: Red Notice, while “having the time of his life.” Luke is one of those actors who can literally play any role they put in front of him and we have confidence his career will only continue to grow in the coming years.

[Image via Luke Evans/BBC]