Luke Evans Talks Sex Scenes In ‘High Rise’ And Finally Getting A Chance To Sing In A Movie

Luke Evans High Rise sex scenes

Luke Evans has been making the rounds promoting his new film High Rise where he co-stars with Tom Hiddleston (The Avengers) and Sienna Miller (American Sniper).

The Ben Wheatley movie was premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) and the stars have been meeting fans and talking to the press about the anti-capitalist indie film.

During an interview published in El Mundo, the Welsh actor confessed sex scenes are not his favorite.

“Doing sex scenes in front of the camera is very uncomfortable for me. Also, these sequences are hard on the technical staff. When I saw the movie for the first time, there were scenes I didn’t remember filming. I don’t know what Ben put in my coffee, but it worked.”

Sienna Miller (American Sniper) said she couldn’t pass up the opportunity to work for Wheatley whom she called “one of the most stimulant directors with a unique, original script.”

Luke Evans adds his role was completely different than other offers he has received and Wheatley had enough faith in him to cast him as Richard Wilder, and he let the director exploit his limits.

High Rise, which has been well received by critics and is based on the 1975 novel of the same name by J.G. Ballard, tells the story of the residents of a skyscraper who face social injustices depending on where they live.

Luke Evans also spoke of spending a large portion of filming covered in blood for his scenes and how he finally gets to sing in a movie, a dream he’s had for many years.

I spent 20 days covered in blood, but I’m not complaining because I’m a professional.”

“I’ve been singing all my live. I’m from Wales, where you’re born singing. I spent 10-years doing musicals in London and I’ve waited a long time for a movie in which to display my musical talents.”

You can watch Luke Evans, Tom Hiddleston, and Sienna Miller in High Rise which his scheduled to come to the U.S. on September 26.

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Waiting For Mr. Wilder To Make It To The Top Of The High Rise Movie!

Ever since High Rise was a wrap on August 4th 2014 fans of J.G.Ballard as well as the many fandoms of Luke Evans and Tom Hiddleston have been waiting impatiently for the release of this independent film.

anniversary tweet by Dan Martin

Anniversary tweet of the wrap on High Rise

To get a better understanding and to pass the time I read the book. It was not easy, lots of metaphors, not many dialogues, disturbingly dark and unsettling. It describes how a class war erupts inside a luxury apartment building between the residents of the lower floors and the elite residing on top. Elevators, the pool and hallways become battlegrounds while the cocktail parties continue. Society unravels and the residents reverse back to primal animals driven by the law of the concrete jungle they live in.
Luke Evans plays Wilder, a burly macho living with his family on one of the lower floors. The book describes his ascend through ruthless fighting to the top of the building, while Dr. Laing, played by Tom Hiddleston, a resident of one of the higher middle floors, is trying to understand what is going on around him and with himself during parties and affairs with his female neighbors.

It was upsetting to read how the pets in the high rise become a food source for the residents, or rape and murder of neighbors the new norm in a competition of survival of the fittest. But I also kept wondering how this book would translate into a movie. If Mr. Wheatley stayed true to the storyline of the book we would be in for some very interesting scenes!

For a long time fans had been asking on social media for a trailer of the highly anticipated movie until on May 27th Luke Evans did retweet a post from Tony McGregor of a “high rise trailer”! Just not exactly the one we all had been waiting for!

high rise trailer

Not exactly the high rise trailer we had in mind!

On August 25th the twitter account of High-Rise movie finally announced the World Premiere for Sunday 13th September at the Elgin Theatre during the Toronto Film Festival! The Rollingstone lists High-Rise among the must see movies!

Now we were getting one announcement after the other! High-rise will be shown next at Fantastic Fest according to LA Times and then it will head on over to London to be shown at BFI where it is one of the 7 films you have to see if you believe Mashable.

Now after waiting all this time for a trailer of the High Rise movie we just saw a post by slashfilm that there will be no High Rise trailer! Well, it’s only another 11 days to go until the World Premiere and it is not looking good for us fans! But it would be nice if people writing or tweeting about this film would acknowledge the whole first class cast besides Tom Hiddleston…..there is Luke Evans as Wilder, known as Bard from The Hobbit, Jeremy Irons playing the character Royal, Sienna Miller, Elisabeth Moss and more!

Then there is also the subject of distribution. German fans are afraid they might have to wait a year, no distributors yet for the UK or the US. It is a tough life being a fan! I really hope we all get to see it eventually and be able to compare it to the book!