Where Are They Now? – Or How To Get Over BOFA Withdrawal Symptoms?

Battle Of The Five Armies

I am sure we all felt sad walking out of the movie theatre after having watched The Hobbit Battle Of The Five Armies, knowing this was the last chapter. Many went to watch it multiple times, but it was hard having to say “good bye” to characters we came to care about so much.
“Will you follow me one last time?” was bitter sweet, not only for us, but also for the cast.

Now we have to deal with post BOFA withdrawal symptoms. Buying to own the movie certainly helped! We are happy though to notice that all cast members moved on to new projects, and we are taking this moment to research where we can see them again in the near future.

Peter Jackson and Lee Pace

Andrew Lesnie with Lee Pace on set of BOFA

Let’s look at the director Peter Jackson first. The website IMDb
shows him as the producer of The Adventures of Tintin: Prisoners of the Sun to be completed in 2016.

Lee Pace looks very busy having completed the TV series The Mindy Project in 2015, as well as Halt and Catch Fire. Two movies Revolt and The Program are listed to be in post-production, and Reds and Grays is in pre-production.

Luke Evans

Luke Evans Bard the Bowman

One of our favorites, Luke Evans, has so many projects even the most dedicated fans can’t keep up with his full schedule! Almost immediately after doing some promo work, he filmed Message from the King in Los Angeles, did a quick appearance for Fast and Furious 7, he is currently filming Beauty and the Beast, where he plays the villain Gaston. He played Richard Wilder in High Rise, which is listed to be in post-production and three other films Free Fire, Three Seconds and SAS: Red Notice are already in pre-production.

Additionally he made an appearance at HobbitCon 3 in Bonn and one just recently at the Shanghai Comic Convention, and our heads are spinning.

Another busy actor is Richard Armitage. He went on stage in Crucible last year, is on TV in Hannibal right now, and lists three movies in post production on IMDb Pilgrimage
, Urban & the Shed Crew and Sleepwalker

Richard Armitage as Thorin

Richard Armitage as Thorin Oakenshield

Martin Freeman is working on Fun House and Captain America: Civil War. He continues to play Watson in Sherlock and also stars in Funny Cow, which is in pre-production.

Ian McKellen, Gandalf in The Hobbit movies, is Sherlock Holmes in Mr. Holmes. His TV movie The Dresser is post production while he is playing aongside Luke Evans in Beauty and the Beast and filming Animal Crackers as well. There is also the rumored Untitled Noel Coward Biopic and delayed The Curse of the Buxom Strumpet.

Orlando Bloom is filming Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales after having finished Unlocked and Digging for Fire.

Aidan Turner is lending his voice to Loving Vincent while his The Secret Scripture is finishing up in post-production. He has also become a television sensation with his series Poldark.

We are looking forward to a new Marvel movie Ant-Man premiering July 17th in the US with Evangeline Lily, and the preview looks very promising!

Evangeline Lily

Evangeline Lily

Rounding out the field are Graham McTavish who lists Creed and The Finest Hours in post-production while getting ready for The Stolen, and Jed Brophy, our Nori, is preparing for his role in a Western movie Trail’s End, and has The Dead Room finishing up.

There are too many to list, Adam Brown and Stephen Frye amongst others, all are working on new films and projects. We are waiting to see the cast of The Hobbit in many new successful roles and are wishing everybody the best.

Actors Doing Period Dramas Need To Hit The Gym These Days

Period dramas physicality

If you’re an actor interested in doing period drama roles you better be prepared to hit the gym and get a six pack.

Why, you ask? It’s simple really, because movie studios are doing steamier and steamier period dramas which usually means the lead male character will be expected to go shirtless and beyond, at some point. Same applies to the females, by the way.

Take the hit period drama Poldark, starring Aidan Turner (The Hobbit). Women all over the world are swooning at the sight of the bare chested, handsome British actor and the show’s ratings are through the roof.

Aidan Turner in Poldark

Aidan Turner in ‘Poldark’ (Image via Mammoth Screen)

For Matthew Macfadyen, a.k.a. Mr. Darcy in Pride and Prejudice, the movie adaptation of the period drama, it is something that comes with the territory, but that doesn’t mean the quiet thespian would necessarily agree to show his not-so-fit bare torso.

You see, director Joe Wright really had to pitch his decision to cast the tall, broody actor to Universal Studios, since he was not quite what they were looking for. Wright argued that he wasn’t looking for a “pretty boy” to play the role of the Jane Austen hero, he wanted a “proper manly man…Matthew’s a great big hunk of a guy.”

Audiences loved Macfadyen — except the Colin Firth loyal fans — but the notion that an 18th century man would have a six-pack is far fetched. Sure they were in shape because it was a much more physical time, but the definition you see in Turner for example, is the result of today’s gyms, Macfadyen tells Radio Times.

“Darcy would have been quite fit because he rode horses and all that stuff, but if I ripped off my shirt to show a six-pack…well, that’s a gym thing.”

“You do the deal and then the personal trainer gets in touch. When I see it on screen, it immediately smacks of vanity because I know what’s happened – they’ve been doing crunches, 50,000 press-ups before breakfast and a character in a period drama wouldn’t have done that.”

Richard Armitage as Guy of Gisborne in Robin Hood

Richard Armitage as Guy of Gisborne in Robin Hood.

Transforming their bodies to get physically fit is nothing new, but studios seem to be taking it to the extreme in recent years and it’s not just limited to period dramas. The perfect example are all the superhero movies hitting the big screen lately. Have you seen those muscles?

And while Pride and Prejudice opened a lot of doors for Matthew Macfadyen and he appreciated Joe Wright staunch defense, it’s not his thing and others agree. Game of Thrones’ Kit Harington — who has a legion of female fans thanks to his shirtless fight scenes — says actors don’t necessarily want to be looked at as sexual objects.

“To always be put on a pedestal as a hunk is slightly demeaning. It really is and it’s in the same way as it is for women.”

When you see a period drama that stars a good looking, ripped actor, you know that they spent countless hours in the gym and are most likely eating like rabbits.

[Image via Focus Feature]