Fan’s Voices On Social Media And Their Impact On Selecting The Next James Bond

Tom Hardy vs Luke Evans round 2

We have written before about the importance of an actor’s visibility on Social Media. If equally qualified actors compete for the same role, a studio might pick the one that is more active, talked about and followed on Social Media.
We also speculated about the next James Bond in a previous article. But there have been some interesting new developments lately. Entertainment Weekly correctly writes “Somehow it’s become unofficial law that Idris Elba’s name must be a part of any conversation about who would be the next best James Bond.”
So when Anthony Horowitz, the author of a new James Bond novel, said in an interview that Idris Elba is “too street” he caused an outrage and quickly apologized on Twitter.

Elba appeared on several TV shows and gave interviews, but denied that there was any truth to the rumors after the ‘Sony Leak’.

Then the British GQ Magazine started their James Bond weeks in time for the premiere of the new 007 movie ‘SPECTRE’ with articles about the Bonds of the past, the cars, the style and they announced a James Bond poll!

Battle Of The Bonds

The Battle Of The Bonds by the British GQ Magazine

For one week fans could vote for one of eight candidates or write in their own choice in a comment box. Apparently the name Luke Evans must have come up often enough because he was added to a list of ten contenders in a pre-round. By the end of that round the two with the least votes were eliminated and the remaining eight paired up.

End of the Pre-Round

By the end of the Pre Round Luke Evans was in 4th place

The Luke Evans fandoms were happy! He made it from not being on the list into the top four! But how would he do matched up against a strong contender like Idris Elba? GQ predicted a win by a “white Persian cat’s whisker” for Luke Evans, calling it the tie of the round! But with the strong support of his fans Mr. Evans beat Mr. Elba with the healthy margin of 63 percent!

prediction for round 1

British GQ Magazine’s prediction for round 1

During that first round some tweets suspected foul play when fans realized that the voting link for all candidates had the name of Idris Elba embedded. So everytime somebody shared their voting result using the link from GQ Magazine, it would show up under Elba’s mentions, which seemed an unfair advantage. But at the beginning of round 2 it became obvious that the complaints had been noticed when the remaining four semifinalists were introduced by GQ Magazine as shown:

Battle Of The Bonds

Beginning of Battle Of The Bonds, Tom Hardy versus Luke Evans

Now we have four contenders left competing for the next James Bond’s tuxedo. So far Henry Cavill has a clear lead over Aidan Turner and Luke Evans left Tom Hardy in the dust with a surprising 86 percent thanks to his fans voting, tweeting and supporting him.

fan's edit #LukeEvansFor007

Luke Evans for 007 edit by Rocio Ramirez

Using the hashtag #LukeEvansFor007 the so-called Luketeers are sharing their personal edits and interpretations of Luke Evans as the next Bond on Twitter.

#LukeEvansFor007 edit by Karla Marx

#LukeEvansFor007 edit by Karla Marx

Luke Evans edit by Jonny Gillard

Luke Evans edit by Jonny Gillard

Today we heard that another big name threw his support behind Luke Evans. Vin Diesel says as quoted by Digital Spy that his “Fast & Furious co-star Luke Evans should play James Bond.” Considering that Vin stood together with Luke in front of cameras in an action movie he would know what his co-star is capable of, and with a fan base of 100 million on Social Media his support means a lot. Maybe Sony Pictures already picked their next Bond actor, but even if they did, they must have taken notice how many people are talking and tweeting about Luke Evans.

This is what I personally love about Social Media. You can take a stand, engage yourself and all our voices together really do matter and can make a difference.

Can Social Media Hurt Prospects For Actors? It Depends On How They Use It

Actors on social media

Social media connects actors to the right people, but can it also have a down side? The simple answer is, it depends on how you use it. You can’t tweet a producer or casting director out of the blue and send them a reel of your work. You may get put in a black list of actors who don’t have a clue about social media. While being connected to all the right sites (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google, etc.) is a good thing to put your name out there, it can have its downfall. If you are eager to get a part, play it cool and before contacting someone who can advance your career, build a relationship with them and let them know who you are first. This is one of Todd Wharton’s pet peeves when it comes to actors using social media. In an interview for Daily Actor Wharton — the CEO of Local Talent Connect, a global network that brings together artists from across the industry — talked about what not to do.

“You can’t just approach people like that. You’ve got to invest in yourself before anyone invests in you. If you wanna grow, you’ve got to hustle. You’ve gotta grind.” “The next thing is they expect people to look at everything that they post. It happens everyday. Sometimes people post things and they don’t even put any descriptions. They’ll just send you a link. They don’t even know you sometimes. They’ll just start sending you links and they don’t take that time to build the relationship. Your business should be like your personal life. You are not gonna throw someone the wedding ring on the first date.”

David Oaks on Twitter

David Oakes on Twitter

Additionally, Wharton says that people are so busy connecting online that they’re forgetting about personal conversation. While it’s important to keep your social media accounts updated, because you can potentially reach millions, many young actors don’t know how to properly communicate with industry executives and interact with others. While many actors are active on social media and share really cool stuff about their careers with fans, some cross the line and studios are actively trying to keep that under control. Did you know that you could lose that awesome role if you share any details of the production without authorization? Well, you can. Most movie studios have strict guidelines for actors to follow when they get hired for a project and you don’t want to risk losing that much needed job. So there should be no sharing of that audition or behind-the-scenes details that should not be revealed, as tempting as it is. Marci Liroff, was in the middle casting for the Vampire Academy: BloodSisters, based on the best-selling series of six young-adult paranormal romance novels, when she noticed actors posting things they weren’t supposed to on social media.

“I noticed some really bad behavior by a few actors; they were tweeting about coming in for auditions, and how they did on said audition.” “I got an email from one of my producers who asked that all casting news come from the production and that what goes on behind the scenes (i.e. who’s auditioning) should be controlled by us. The producer added that any further “leaks” would compromise an actor’s potential for being hired.”

So there you go, if you don’t want to be a nuisance for the casting director that helped you land that coveted role, keep your fingers to yourself and don’t share any details of what is going on with a new production. However, do work on creating lasting personal relationships, they are just as important as being on social media for an actor. [Image via Robert Downey Jr./Instagram]