Star Wars The Force Awakens – The Force Of Change

I’m really excited and looking forward to the release of ‘Star Wars- The Force Awakens’ on December 18th 2015 in the USA, just in time for Christmas! Over the past year we saw many first pictures from set, several trailers, and during the last San Diego Comic Con the following behind the scenes reel was shown:
Star Wars: The Force Awakens – Comic-Con 2015 Reel on Disney Video

The plot is described on IMDb as a continuation of the saga, set thirty years after the last episode “Luke Skywalker joins forces with a Jedi Knight, a cocky pilot, a wookiee and two droids to save the universe from the Empire’s world-destroying battle-station, while also attempting to rescue Princess Leia from the evil Darth Vader.”

Star Wars The Force Awakens movie poster

Star Wars The Force Awakens movie poster

In 2014 Disney decided to join forces with UNICEF by committing $ 1 million to launch Force For Change. The recap of that campaign can be found on Star Wars web site : “In 2014, we decided to partner with one of the world’s biggest forces for change – UNICEF. UNICEF is a driving force that puts children first, helping them to survive and thrive around the world. We’re proud that in 2014, the Star Wars: Force for Change initiative raised over $4.2 million dollars that will support UNICEF’s innovative and lifesaving work. Disney also committed $1 million to launch the initiative. UNICEF has a network of 12 Innovation Labs that are creating sustainable solutions to critical issues facing children around the world in the areas of child protection, nutrition, water, health, sanitation, and education. Our partnership with UNICEF supports programs that engage and empower youth around the world. Here are some of the results UNICEF has already delivered for children through programs which have been supported by Star Wars: Force for Change”

UNICEF support in Indonesia

UNICEF support in Indonesia

Working together with Omaze they collected donations for UNICEF for a chance for one lucky winner & a friend to shoot a scene for Star Wars Episode VII, be J.J. Abrahms’ VIP guest on set in London, including flight and hotel for two.

D.C. Barns the lucky winner!

D.C. Barnes Force For Change Winner

I applaud Disney and Omaze for working together to help UNICEF in their effort to support children worldwide, and all the excited Star Wars fans that made a donation. Please see the video below of D.C. Barns receiving his surprise win.
Star Wars: Force For Change Winner Reveal on Disney Video

Henry Cavill Talks About Heartbreak And How A Sandwich Helped Him Move On

Henry Cavill talks about heartbreak

Henry Cavill. What can we say about this man that you are not going to like? Apparently at one point he was so heartbroken that he wasn’t eating and a sandwich — now known as “the Henry sandwich” helped him to move on.

We don’t know which relationship he’s talking about in this insightful interview brought to us by Inquirer. As far as we know Henry has had two serious relationships in recent years.

He was engaged to equestrian star, Ellen Whitaker — whom he broke-up from as his career was taking off — and dated WWE fighter and actress Gina Carano on and off for a while. But Henry Cavill says the toughest thing he’s ever had to do is walk away from someone he loves — yes, he uses the present tense, so we assume he still does.

“I think the bravest thing that I have done is that I have told someone, ‘I don’t think we should be together in a relationship.’ In spite of the fact that I love her, I think it was wrong and knowing how much it (telling her) was going to hurt her. Because that really sucks and it really hurts.”

“Months later, I looked back and went ‘yeah, you did the right thing.’ That was good.”

His comments paint Henry Cavill as a man with strong principles, who was brought up to act on his conscience and it couldn’t be more attractive to his adoring fans. The man is already adored by millions and as his career takes him to the next level of stardom, he still says his biggest influences are those people closer to him and not comic book heroes.

“Ethics are very important. I try to be as ethical as I possibly can. Integrity is vital to me and who and what I am is based upon that. I know there is only one thing I can take with me when I am on my deathbed and that’s my integrity. I can’t take my money. I can’t take houses or boats or my wife or my kids.”

Henry Cavill has been extremely busy filming, first the blockbuster Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice — which opens on March 25, 2016 — and the spy revival — The Man From U.N.C.L.E. — coming to theaters on August 14. He also graces the covers of several magazines including, Empire Magazine, Men’s Health, and Men’s Fitness.

But it appears Henry is not letting fame get to his head, which is not easy considering the position in which he currently finds himself. After all he is the Man of Steel.

So how did Henry Cavill deal with that heartbreak, which he calls the toughest moment in his life? Well, he says it was hard, but he was able to move on — it appears he really isn’t over it — with a little help from his friends…and a sandwich.

“My hardest time—goodness—isn’t heartbreak always the hardest time no matter what you do?. So yeah, I had my heart broken and had my best friends look after me after a bad heartbreak. I wasn’t being particularly bad. I was just being morose and heartbroken.”

“To see the joy on my friends’ faces when I finally ate a sandwich, which was remarkable because I wasn’t eating. My friend’s wife made this particular sandwich which I ate. Just to see them so happy taught me a lot. They now call it the Henry Sandwich.”

So what was so remarkable about that particular sandwich. Nothing really. Henry Cavill says it had “slow-cooked pork with banana peppers in a soft roll. That simple.” This is great stuff, isn’t it?

[Image via Warner Bros.]

Is The Crow Reboot Really Dead For Good? The Curse Of The Crow….

The movie franchise The Crow seems to have been cursed ever since the death of Brandon Lee, son of Bruce Lee who played Eric Draven in the original film, during its production. While many critics thought the reboot of The Crow would be an amazing project, most fans of the original film were adamantly against it. They felt it would take away from the memory of Brandon Lee and nobody else should try to replace him. When asked on Twitter about her opinion, his sister Shannon Lee answered she would not support a reboot.

Mark Wahlber

Mark Wahlberg shown as The Crow

Many actors had been linked to the project over time. Bradley Cooper was in talks for the lead role of Eric Draven/The Crow who was according to IGN “the anti Spider-Man.” The essence of angsty ’90s comic book characters, The Crow took inspiration from creator James O’Barr’s life — after his fiancee was tragically killed in a hit-and-run by a drunk driver.”
But Bradley Cooper dropped out of the project. Another actor who had been cast as Eric Draven was Luke Evans, and after having been endorsed by the creator James O’Barr, who had seen him in costume, it seemed the project was finally moving ahead with production to begin in spring 2015.

Luke Evans

Luke Evans linked to The Crow

Then a change of director and “scheduling conflicts” prompted Luke to distance himself from The Crow Reboot. The next actor attached to the role of Eric Draven was Jack Huston, but he too left, also due to “scheduling issues” as described in Variety on June 15th 2015 “The “Boardwalk Empire” star was slated to take on the role originated by Brandon Lee in the 1994 film of the same, but had to drop out due to scheduling issues. “The Crow” is currently in pre-production in Wales.

“Jack Huston is unfortunately unavailable to continue with us on ‘The Crow,’” said director Corin Hardy in a statement. “‘The Crow’ is an amazing project, and I am grateful that we have the time and patience to get it right. We look forward to unveiling our new lead and starting to film over the next several weeks.”

After that Nicholas Hoult, Jack O’Connell, Jai Courtney among others, were being eyed as possible replacements. Umberto Gonzalez with Heroic Hollywood was hinting on Twitter @elmayimbe about a mystery actor who was offered the role:

via Umberto Gonzalez

Umberto Gonzalez on Twitter

Many asked and speculated until, finally, yesterday he tweeted “RIP THE CROW reboot”.

The End?

Is that the end of The Crow Reboot?

Now we don’t know what Umberto Gonzalez knows, but I for one would be disappointed if this is really the end. It seems the project just had too many issues for too long, though I would have loved to see Luke Evans as Eric Draven. He has a talent for dark roles and he would have looked great in The Crow make up!

Luke Evans as The Crow

Artistic rendering of Luke Evans as The Crow

Richard Armitage Is Outstanding As ‘The Great Red Dragon’ In His ‘Hannibal’ Debut

Richard Armitage transforms into The Great Red Dragon

The much awaited debut of Richard Armitage as “The Great Red Dragon” in Hannibal happened on Saturday night and it was outstanding. But we already knew it would be.

Showrunner Bryan Fuller and executive producer Martha De Laurentii have been singing Armitage’s praises on Twitter and at the San Diego Comic Con. Fuller even went as far as saying he and his editing team had been brought to tears as they watched the British actor’s footage of his portrayal of the serial killer Francis Dolarhyde, a.k.a The Red Dragon/The Tooth Fairy.

Francis Dolarhyde is a disturbed man, who has a cleft palate, and was abandoned by his mother after his birth because she was too disgusted by his deformity. The serial killer has murdered entire families, the aftermath of which we witness when Will Graham (Hugh Dancy) visits one of the homes. Bloody doesn’t even begin to describe what he sees at the crime scene.

Richard Armitage debut Red Dragon

Richard Armitage as The Great Red Dragon in Hannibal (NBC)

In his deranged mind, Dolarhyde has dreams on grandeur and is a big fan of Dr. Hannibal Lecter (Mads Mikkelsen), who three years later from the events we saw in Season 3’s previews episode, is imprisoned in a mental institution. Will, very reluctantly, reaches out to Hannibal for his help in finding the serial killer.

If you didn’t know Richard Armitage before Saturday night, you were most certainly wondering who this man is and why you haven’t heard of him before this. Despite his 43-years of age, Armitage is still mostly unknown in the U.S., not so in the U.K. and has legions of adoring fans who were all aflutter last night watching their man blow everyone away.

The transformation was nothing short of brilliant and if Richard Armitage doesn’t get an Emmy nod, we will hear about it. The interesting thing is that he didn’t even speak. Not one word in the entire episode, but the display of physical strength in his yoga moves was stunning and the result of the renowned dedication to his craft.

We also got a glimpse at the horrible aftermath of his latest crime, against the Leeds family, in which he murders the parents and two young kids in cold blood. If you have read the book, you know that we will hear more about what Dolarhyde actually did at this particular crime scene.

In sum, Richard Armitage’s performance was stunningly beautiful considering the character he portrays, which is in tune with the incredible cinematography Fuller brings to Hannibal. The showrunner and De Laurentiis promise even more greatness to come as the season moves on to its end. Sadly NBC has chosen to cancel the show — which received second place in Saturday night’s ratings — and Fuller hasn’t found a home for it yet. A movie focused on the Red Dragon is one possibility being discussed at this time.

[Image via NBC]

Minions 2015 Review – A Great Sequel Or Overkill?

After having seen a preview which had me laughing out loud, I was really looking forward to this movie! The big box office opening was very promising and I couldn’t wait to see it. Minions started out great and I was enjoying the story of their origins. We learn where they came from and how they meet Despicable Me in the end.

hitchhiking Minions

Minions hitchhiking to VillainCon in Orlando

At first it was one laugh after the other. As ABC News writes in their review “After many years living in an ice cave, the once proud minion race is listless and depressed. That’s when one of them — his name is Kevin — gets an idea: he’ll save his kind by leaving the cave and finding a new master.

Kevin recruits guitar-loving fellow minion Stuart and junior minion Bob for his trek, which lands them at Villain-Con (nice timing, releasing the movie the weekend of Comic-Con), where they discover the most fearsome, intelligent, cunning villain of all: Scarlett Overkill (Sandra Bullock). Every henchman, henchwoman and henchfish wants to work for Scarlett, but only Kevin, Stuart and Bob have the goods to land the gig. But is Scarlett the right master for the minions, or is she too evil?” It was a nice story, the timing with San Diego ComicCon for the opening was very clever, but it felt a bit thin and flimsy.

After a while it was just a little too much. I’m not even sure if it can be called a kid’s movie. There were many jokes and references that would not be understood by young ones, and there are some scary scenes like getting chased by an evil man with a chainsaw into a telephone booth, that are not really appropriate for a young audience. Overall I have to agree with the comment of one reviewer on Rotten Tomatoes “There’s a reason I loved the teaser trailer for this: it was 2 and a half minutes”!

Keep calm

Keep Calm and…..judge for yourself!

Just Say No – We All Need To Use Social Media To Rally Against World Dog Show 2019 In China

As an animal lover and dog owner this article is close to my heart! Most of us have seen the horrific pictures shown on Social Media of dogs being tortured alive, thrown into boiling water or burnt by blow torches, to be eaten at the Yulin Dog Meat Festival in China.
I remember the story of a little Chinese girl whose dog got kidnapped out of her home’s yard, and her heart break when she recognized his butchered little body on a market. It is terrible enough to eat dogs, but to take pets that are loved by somebody is the epitome of evil.

Celebrities against Yulin

Celebrities joining the fight against the Yulin dog torture festival

Many celebrities have joined Ricky Gervais and Simon Cowell in their fight against the senseless and brutal torture of our best friends. Barbara Streisand signed a petition, Daisy Fuentes tweeted about it, and we all need to do our part.
A staggering amount of signatures had been collected trying to stop Yulin. But even though we couldn’t prevent it, we can’t stop now. Almost every day I read a story of another truck loaded with dogs being pulled over by activists trying to save them from sure death like quoted in an article by the Humane Society International. According to this article “Between August and December of last year, thousands of activists took part in highway rescues of dogs on trucks bound for northeast China’s dog meat markets. Of 23 attempts, 18 trucks carrying more than 8,000 dogs were successfully pulled over”

Dogs for sale to be tortured and slaughtered

Dogs for sale to be tortured and slaughtered

I am trying to be sensitive and spare you the worst pictures I found, as I know some people don’t have the stomach for it, but let me assure you I would rather watch a horror movie than to look at those testaments of animal cruelty.

But to add insult to injury, it became known a few weeks ago that China was awarded to host the 2019 World Dog Show! Where I come from we call this letting the fox guard the hen house. I was so outraged learning about this, I was speechless, a very rare event. Now we have three years to stop this absurd parody. Let’s retweet every article, sign any petition, donate to Animal Rights organizations, support any actor or celebrity in their fight against the #WorldDogShow2019, boycott products from China……I don’t even want to eat Chinese anymore.

A great example, thank you Elisabeth

A great example, thank you Elisabeth

There are a lot of changes happening in China as described by the Humane Society International “In late June, celebrities like Ricky Gervais and Simon Cowell used social media to highlight the atrocities of the Yulin dog meat festival causing immense international outcry over the dog meat trade in China. In the months leading up to the Yulin festival, thousands of Chinese activists took to the streets across China to protest the consumption of dog meat in China, and call for the Yulin festival to be shut down. Younger generations of Chinese, who are becoming more urban and adopting a culture of pet care and companionship, are becoming less tolerant and more outspoken about animal abuse. Join the fight: Support our lifesaving efforts”

Join the fight, do what you can, follow @rickygervias, @SimonCowell and @Protect_Wildlife


Say No to Yulin Dog Meat Festival

Ben Affleck And Jennifer Garner Divorce: Why Are We So Obsessed About This Former Couple?

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner divorce

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner shocked — or maybe not — many with the announcement of their impending divorce. So why can’t we just let them be?

The word celebrity is at the center of this phenomenon. Some like to follow their favorite stars’ private lives, as well as their career and when two of them get married, well, the attention increases tenfold.

This is the case with Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner’s divorce. ‘Say it ain’t so’ is what most people thought when they first heard the official news, which came from Bennifer — as the couple was known prior to the sad news. Now everyone wants to know what happened. Did he cheat? Did she? Or did they just could not overcome their differences.

Actors have tough lives. No, we shouldn’t feel sorry for them, but let’s face it, it’s not easy. Traveling all over the world pretending to be someone else, while making millions, sounds glamorous, but it can be brutal on relationships and that’s probably be why most don’t last sadly.

Before the announcement, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner seemed to have it all. Looks, fame, and a beautiful family to be proud of. He is an Oscar-winning director (Argo) and established actor. She is not bad either, with her own fortune. A beautiful couple who appeared to be happy as well.

There were increasing rumors that trouble was in the horizon and that Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner were divorcing or separating. Moving trucks were seen at their home, but they dismissed the talk saying that they were remodeling. Well, it ended up being not true.

We’re not sure what led them to make a public announcement on their troubles, perhaps the intense scrutiny. However, it must feel like a relief to finally have it out there and hopefully they get the privacy they need to deal with the heartbreaking breakup.

Over the weekend, some photos surfaced showing Affleck — who is still wearing his wedding ring — and Garner having a serious talk while on a family vacation in the Bahamas. They have resolved to live together for the sake of their young children, Violet, 9, Seraphina, 6, and Samuel, 3. This is a new trend for Hollywood couples and was highly publicizes when Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin “consciously uncoupled.”

Affleck won’t have much time to brood, as he is scheduled to be part of the Warner Bros. panel at the 2015 San Diego Comic-Con starting on July 9. Jennifer is said to be filming a new movie Miracles From Heaven, according to E! and that will probably help her, during this difficult time.

Nobody knows what resulted in Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner’s divorce announcement, but whatever the case, we should all remember that these are two people, just like the rest of us, who unfortunately have to deal with personal problems while in the public eye. We wish them both the best.

[Image via]

Suicide Squad – Happy Birthday Harley Quinn- And Other News

With filming well underway in the busy streets of Toronto, and after having gotten glimpses of Jared Leto’s transformation during his public appearances, we are getting a better idea about Suicide Squad the movie.
With San Diego Comic-Con 2015 only days away we are looking at the schedule on ScreenRant and hope that some footage of the movie will be revealed soon.
We have already seen several set images, giving us quite a few details from the film such as our header shown above.

Top Casat of Suicide Squad

Suicide Squad Top Cast

A recent article on DigitalSpy cites the release date as August 5th, 2016, and describes the plot:

“What is the Suicide Squad?
Task Force X – better known as the ‘Suicide Squad’ – is a government-sanctioned team of convicted super-felons who serve as ‘deniable assets’, performing high-risk black-ops missions for the government. They are offered commuted sentences in return.

The team operates out of Belle Reve prison under the control of hard-nosed agent Amanda Waller, who keeps the motley crew of villains on a tight leash with remote explosive devices that can be detonated at any time.

The modern version of the Suicide Squad was introduced by John Ostrander in the 1987 event Legends. The team has featured a rotating cast of frequently obscure villains from across the DC Universe – often sending them back out in body bags. ”

Jared Leto as the Joker

Jared Leto as the Joker Suicide Squad

Jared Leto has big shoes to fill following the performances of Jack Nicholson and the late Heath Ledger. The Joker has never been a member of the Suicide Squad before and it will be interesting to see how he fits in. Maybe that is why he is missing in the new picture of the top cast? Or he is just not a team player?

Margot Robbie who plays Harley Quinn, the former psychologist Harleen Quinzel who fell in love with the Joker while treating him, just celebrated her birthday. She posted on Instagram a picture of herself on set in full costume with a Harley Quinn themed cake. Her caption reads “Harley’s cake- thank you squad!”

Margot Robbie on Instagram

New ‘Batman V Superman’ Photos And Plot Details Released [Spoilers]

Batman v Superman photos

Today has been a good day for Batman v Superman fans with the release of new photos and more details about the secretive plot.

The amazing photos come courtesy of Entertainment Weekly. The spread — included in its latest issue coming out Friday — shows never before images of the main characters.

The new Batman v Superman photos show Ben Affleck in his role of Bruce Wayne and Gal Gadot, who plays Wonder Woman, dancing at a fancy party. This is maybe part of the footage shot at that big filming day at the University of Michigan last summer.

We also got a new image of Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor, Henry Cavill as Superman, and Ben Affleck in his Batsuit.

All of these images are great, but perhaps the best of them is the one that gives fans a taste of what will happen when Batman and Superman face-off for the first time in Batman v Superman.

Check out the cover that will come to newsstands all over the country when EW is released Friday and it promises behind-the-scenes Batman v Superman details we haven’t heard before.

In the interviews included with the special issue, director Zack Snyder talks about Kryptonite and confirms that indeed it will make an appearance as part of the Batman v Superman plot. Batman will use it to confront and try to destroy a Superman the world now sees as a threat.

Snyder said he thought of introducing the popular weapon at the end of Man of Steel, but obviously that didn’t happen. Additionally, both Affleck and Cavill talk about their roles in Batman v Superman.

“He’s on the verge of being swallowed up by the anger and the rage that we see haunt this character in the other manifestations of it,” says Affleck, who plays a much older version of Batman. “But this guy is further down the line and has become more embittered and cynical.”

For his part, Henry Cavill explains how the tables have changed for his Superman in Batman v Superman, according to Comic Book Movie.

“I like to think that Man of Steel was the perspective of the world from Clark, Kal-El, looking at the world and trying to exist with in it. Batman v Superman is definitely more mankind’s perspective of Superman.”

What do you think of the new Batman v Superman photos and plot revelations?

[Image via Warner Bros.]

Do Actors Need A Website Or Is Social Media Enough?

Actors need a website

In this day and age everyone has social media and it’s no different for actors, but as such you may want to think twice before going without a website.

Social media is a great way to put yourself out there and connect with fans. Being free, it’s one of the most popular ways in which actors promote their name and work, not only with followers, but casting directors and agencies.

So if you have social media, do you need a website? The short answer is yes.

Social media is all the rave right now, but who knows when that high will die down. It probably won’t happen anytime soon and if Facebook and Twitter disappear for some reason, something else will surely take their place.

According to Philip Hernandez, a respected acting teacher and singing coach in New York City, as great as social media is, an actor should most definitely have a website that they can control and design as they wish.

“A website is a calling card that you can say ‘check me out at’ and then on ‘’ you have links to your Facebook, YouTube videos or twitter. Telling an agent or casting director to look you up on Facebook is not really professional. Sending them to your site is.”

You can stay on top — or hire someone such as AltoMedia to do so — of all your social media sites, but they are still influenced by others. A website, which doesn’t have to be too fancy, but you can add all the basics, such as your CV, headshots or photoshoots, biographical information, etc.

An actor can build or have a website built relatively inexpensively and may have to dish a monthly amount if they want a third party to take care of the administration of the site. After all, trying to become a household name will take a lot of work and dedication and who has time to create a webpage?

Of course you could do it yourself, but most actors simply do not have the time or knowledge to create a website on their own. In summary, don’t send your Facebook link to a potential agent or other studio executive, it’s just not professional to do so. You need a website.

Thinking about creating your own website to showcase your talent for all to see? Let us know if we can help.

[Image via Kevin Leslie/Twitter]