Why Do Employees Leave?

After having worked numerous retail, marketing and modeling jobs during high-school and college, I became self-employed very early on, even before graduating from college. My business partner was twice my age, but he always listened to me and we were a great team. When asked by clients what it felt like to be successful that early in life, I usually told them that it wasn’t the money, but the freedom to be able to decline a prospective buyer if they were rude or had bad credit, that I enjoyed most.

That kind of freedom spoiled me and ruined my expectations. So when I moved years later to another continent, it wasn’t easy to start all over again on the bottom of the retail business and work my way up. I switched jobs to advance to a better position, hours or income potential. Eventually I was on straight commission. It has the advantage that, in an ideal world, you determine how much money you make. There is no different salary based on gender or age, but not only do you never know how much income you’ll have the next month, there is also a lot of competition. You have to guard your clientele from co-workers and in many cases your boss is the business owner who takes the best customers.
I always felt it was wrong to compete with your own employees, who are already generating income for your company, just to save their commission, or to satisfy your ego.

Then there is another downside to be paid straight commission. If you don’t get paid by the hour, it doesn’t cost your employer anything to force you to work unpaid overtime. Many days I lost money by paying a babysitter, so I could work the weekend, without making any money. Often there are no insurance or benefits, and any vacation is unpaid.

Knowing I was one of my last boss’s favorites makes me shudder to think how much worse it could have been had she disliked me! I constantly had to compensate for other people’s incompetence, lack of paperwork or mistakes. The last minute changes the owner made, threw me for a loop more than once. No matter how well I prepared a project the day before, I never knew what to expect walking through the door the next morning.
How do you apologize to a customer knowing it wasn’t your fault, but your boss’s? It is hard to take the blame if an order doesn’t arrive on time, because the company you work for, has unpaid invoices with a supplier and is on credit hold.


I also learned that no good deed goes unpunished. The more organized and efficient you are, the more responsibility is being put on your shoulders, without compensation of course! I was given the keys to a 30 K sq ft showroom with millions of inventory. Now I had to stay behind while co-workers left early to lock up, or come in on my day off to open the showroom.
I saw over 5 years a lot of people come and go. I never understood why companies don’t do more to keep employees. It costs a business time to train new hires, and the more frequently they switch employees, the more money they lose.


The final straw that made me walk to my desk, collect my most important items and leave that building for the last time, came at the end of a long Saturday. On that day I had been the only one to close a sale and collect a deposit for a project, so I was the last one left at work when the owner suddenly told me to come in the next day, on Sunday. Again no good deed goes unpunished! When I objected to work for free on my day off, she insulted “my little brain” that couldn’t understand she needed somebody at the front door as a receptionist! I walked out on unpaid commissions equaling a half year’s income that day, money that I had worked for and never saw, but I just couldn’t do it anymore.

In an article by Entrepeneur about the 6 most familiar ‘Bad Boss’ types the last person I worked for was definitely a ‘Claim Jumper’ among others.
1. The Claim Jumper
These bosses don’t mentor, train or lead their employees; they compete with them. The Claim Jumper takes credit for the project you spent all Thursday night working on (when you could have been binge watching Master of None), and asks for status updates on it every 10 minutes.

I would work on projects with her, meaning I did the research, layout, sketches, paperwork, while she took credit for it in front of the client and then I had to split my commission with my boss, the owner of the company! I think to label these business practices as unethical would be an understatement.


Now in contrast to the private sector, there are government jobs. Working for the state or county gives you more job security, but if you are employed by the most corrupt county in the country, it isn’t any better. A family member made years ago the transition from a successful military career into civilian life and started working for our county.  The job was a great fit and he loved it. But I always warned him that the structure and leadership he was used to from his old military life would be missing in “real life”! The rules that protect you in the military don’t apply to civilian jobs.

There is job security in working for the government, you get a pension after enough years on the job, and it takes an act of God to get fired! The downside is that people know it and use the system. For every employee that gives a 120% there is one that gives less than 80%! People abuse the amount of sick days and co-workers have to cover their shifts on short notice. No matter how hard you work, there is no appreciation and that hurts the morale and results in lack of motivation to do good work.

Friends get hired, regardless of qualification, and incompetent female employees promoted over more qualified applicants because the boss has his eyes on her. People with more experience have been skipped over repeatedly while personal favorites move ahead. The better candidate should get the job regardless of looks, age or gender.

Everybody there knows that females are “a protected species”. As a woman myself I don’t think it’s right that people can get away with murder just because of their gender. The moment somebody so much as suggests how to do a better job, or mentions a mistake a female employee made, it is considered “harassment”.

They are all good old buddies there and protect each other. Trying to make a difference and improve the workplace by creating training manuals or making suggestions to modernize communications by getting iPads for everybody is viewed with suspicion.


The turnover at this place is so high that they can’t fill job openings as quickly as people are leaving. Many young, ambitious employees quit after only a few months as soon as  they noticed the toxic atmosphere and work environment. Others are old-timers just waiting for their retirement and have given up a long time ago to make a positive difference. If bosses don’t learn how to be better bosses, this place won’t be able to function any longer for lack of workers, it might just implode on itself…now imagine if that would become a security issue?

I am sure my family member can relate to this article by John at Social Marketing Solutions who took to LinkedIn to write about his experiences, and I suggested to do the same. He finally quit his job, one that he loved, because of his negative boss, the micro-management, lack of leadership and favoritism all of which created a stifling, hostile work environment.


Are Celebrities Out Of Touch? Or Why Politics And Hollywood Don’t Mix!

The months leading up to the last US Presidential Election were hard on most American citizens. We became, as rapper Pitbull said, the “Divided States of America”! Everybody had to weigh in and volunteer an opinion, no matter if you were a registered voter or not. People from all around the world took to Social Media to make their voices heard, especially foreign celebrities thought we needed their input!

Madonna even went so far as to ‘promise blow jobs for Hillary Clinton voters” as mentioned by Snopes. Very classy!
After the election the mostly liberal actors, writers, singers and other stars were outraged at the result! Celebs from Spain, the UK and other countries tweeted #NotMyPresident

Why, of course not! Are you an American citizen? No? Well, there you go!IMG_5597

I was hoping things would eventually calm down after the election, and life could go back to normal. But the drama went on. Millennials required to have their ‘save space’, people tweeted about being in shock, the world as we knew it was surely going to end! ‘Unite For America’ posted a YouTube video called ‘Celebrities Urging Electoral College to Vote Against Trump’ featuring has been actors like Debra Messing or Martin Sheen.

Things went downhill from there. Many days I couldn’t look at my Twitter timeline without cringing over some celeb’s posts! The cast of ‘Hamilton’ called out VP Mike Pence from stage at the end of their performance.

Madonna casually mentioned on Inauguration Day, at a protest not far from the White House, that she had considered blowing it up!


And Meryl Streep attacked President  Trump in her speech at the ‘Golden Globes’ awards as detailed by The Washington Post. But the resulting memes of Vince Vaughn‘s and Mel Gibson‘s faces during her tirade were priceless!

I can respect different point of views, but why do some celebrities think their opinion matters more than those of regular people? Just because an actor might play a smart person, doesn’t mean he is intelligent in real life! You can’t even politely disagree with any of them without getting attacked by overzealous fan girls!

What does a Hollywood star have to gain from voicing his political opinion? We are all entitled to one, but chances are part of your fan base doesn’t share yours. So no matter what you say, somebody will be upset. Why divide your fans if you could unite them instead?

Why does J.K.Rowling, who lives in a 18 bedroom mansion, tell Americans to take in refugees? People got so upset that Change.org started a petition for her to take in refugees in all of her many bedrooms!



Most celebs who criticize Americans that want a stronger border to be protected from illegal criminals, have body guards and live in mansions behind big walls! They are so disconnected from real life and what the average person has to deal with every day, that it is beyond hypocritical to tell us what to do while they are living safely in their dream world.

Actor Mark Wahlberg put it best as quoted in an article by MSFP News :

“A lot of Hollywood is living in a bubble. They’re pretty out of touch with the common person, the everyday guy out there providing for their family.”

“You know, it just goes to show you that people aren’t listening to that anyway,” he continued. “They might buy your CD or watch your movie, but you don’t put food on their table. You don’t pay their bills. A lot of Hollywood is living in a bubble. They’re pretty out of touch with the common person, the everyday guy out there providing for their family. Me, I’m very aware of the real world. I come from the real world and I exist in the real world. And although I can navigate Hollywood and I love the business and the opportunities it’s afforded me, I also understand what it’s like not to have all that.”

The past election was about the average American, the regular guy, and not about the Hollywood elite! If they don’t like it here, they certainly have the money to move or fly to some place else. Peace out!

No, Please Not Another ‘Next Bond’ Article!

I am so sorry! Not only is this our 3rd article in the past year about the possible choices to replace Daniel Craig as James Bond, but we are getting bombarded lately from all sides with similar write-ups. I myself am getting tired of reading basically the same article, with the same list of contenders, over and over again! If you read one, you read them all. Are journalists copying each other now?

Then there is the fan casting, like by scatronixx …this is not how things work! You find an actor that fits the role, not the other way around. The character of James Bond, that Ian Fleming created, is a white British male. Just because of all that talk about “white washing” in Hollywood, we don’t have to use political correctness in casting. Aside from the fact that Idris Elba is too old, if you want a black agent, why not do a spin-off with a black 006? If you want a female spy, why not revamp ‘Emma Peel’, or cast a woman as 004? That way everybody is happy. But let James be James, not Jane.


There were some funny reactions to ‘Jane Bond’ on Twitter. One guy suggested that in exchange for a female Bond we should re-think some female characters as well. He has a valid point, sounds only fair to me. So how about a ‘Cinderfella’? Other suggestions were ‘Sleeping Beau’, ‘Pocahoncho” or ‘Mark Poppins’. Our kids will be so confused! I have no issues with casting gays, lesbians, transgender actors, or any other color of that rainbow, as long as they play their characters true to their original story. Don’t mess with my childhood memories!



Then there are jokes and rumors like Theo James being confirmed as the next James Bond. That article originated from a site that added the disclaimer:” All stories on this site are satire and the opinions expressed do not belong to any real people.” I guess nobody bothered to read to the very end?


I think Vanity Fair is correct in saying the next Bond will not be who you expect, according to an interview with Sam Mendes who directed the last two James Bond movies, and is exiting the franchise. For example Tom Hiddleston is a great actor, but too charming and boyish, he does not have that “dangerous” vibe. I love Henry Cavill, but James Bond can’t be confused on screen with Superman. Tom Hardy is a bit too rough around the edges. Jamie Bell would have to wear elevator shoes, or have very petite Bond girls, as he is only 5’7″short.”Kinky Boots” anybody? Again, Idris Elba is not only too old with 44, since most 00-agents retire at age 45, he also has his own franchise “The Dark Tower”, and James Bond is not a man of color.

It will be entirely up to Barbara Broccoli to select her next agent. It might be a fresh and new face, or an up-and-coming actor, who is just starting to get more and more name recognition, like Luke Evans. I just can’t imagine anybody who is already too well known as another character, or too closely linked to another franchise.

In any case, if they cast a woman or Mickey Mouse as the next Bond, it might really be the ‘Last Bond’!





Social Media Etiquette- How To Get Noticed In A Positive Way

Something has been bothering me for a while and it is time to get it off my chest. I believe in freedom of speech and expression, but your freedom ends where it starts hurting others. I have seen a lot of bullying, negative and rude comments. I am tired of biting my tongue! Accounts are being created for the sole purpose to troll around and stir things up just for entertainment. It is not funny to harm or attack others just to get attention!

Too many people are hiding behind a safe smoke screen while attacking celebrities or other accounts. It is too easy to use the anonymity of an avatar and post rude comments or offensive pictures. Times are changing and so should our etiquette. We need new rules or guidelines on how to use Social Media in a polite and effective way.

Let’s look at some “Do’s and Don’ts for a Positive Social Media Experience” by Stewardship for example.
If you are bored, read a book or watch a movie. Don’t get on the internet looking for trouble. Being a troll might be entertaining for you, but, just like bullying, can really hurt others.
Treat people like you want to be treated. Watch your language, don’t tweet or post anything you would not say in public.

Celebrities, no matter if you like or dislike them, are just people too, with private lives and a right to respect. Don’t invade their boundaries or verbally attack them. You may think they won’t see it, but that one nasty response amid 100 friendly ones, might get noticed!
It seems some people enjoy pushing other’s buttons. They do anything just to see a reaction, to get attention. Sadly enough it works. The squeaky wheel is more likely to get noticed. But I would rather see positive reactions to my posts than negative ones.

Also, it’s really not fair to insult a public person while hiding like a coward. They have no way to respond or defend themselves, because, unlike you, they have to watch what they post or say on Social Media.
Speaking of, you should be careful too. Often enough even anonymous posts can catch up to you in the real world, especially when seeking employment, or on the job.

No, it’s not ok to tell your favorite celebrity they look tired, their clothes don’t fit right, or to correct their spelling. Nobody likes a know-it-all. It is rude to comment on their sexuality, and family or relationships are off limits too.
As a rule of thumb, don’t post anything you would not dare to say to their face.

If you had a few drinks stay off Social Media! You might think you are funny and witty, but you will cringe reading your posts or tweets the next day! Social Media and alcohol don’t mix well!

Now I want to share how to tweet or post better. I have gotten many likes, responses and even follows from celebrities over the years. Sometimes I am still shocked, like, when a few days ago, @MTV tweeted at me! They only have 13.4 million followers!

Most peeps think only of themselves, and that is the problem. You have to put yourself in the other person’s shoes. If your favorite actor posts a picture, most responses, aside from the occasional insult, inadvertently contain “I love you!” or “Please follow me!”. I’m sorry, but that is not only lame, but stupid! Do you really think a celebrity would follow you just because you ask?


Try to use a sense of humor in your tweet, or give an intelligent reply that relates to the original post. Something that shows you not only read and understood it, but can relate to the message. If you want to get a response, your tweet has to be about them, not yourself! All these requests for birthday wishes are really getting old too!

Express yourself, use emojis, try to show some personality. The written word gets often misunderstood, we don’t all have the same sense of humor. Not everybody understands sarcasm, and a lot gets also lost in translation. Using a winking or smiling emoji shows more clearly that you are joking.



Be kind, post positive messages, be nice to others and most will be friendly to you…and for the rest there is still the helpful block button! Try to be yourself, don’t fake or pretend anything, but, most of all, have fun! Social Media is amazing and I really enjoy to be able to interact with actors, directors, news and magazines…endless possibilities!



“The Power Of Fandom” – The GQ James Bond Poll Part 2

We just wrote about the power of fan’s voices on Social Media and their impact 6 days ago. Now, as of today, we have the result! The good news is, Luke Evans won in a tight, head to head race! This is a huge accomplishment since he was not on the original list of contenders, but a wildcard entry. His fans worked tirelessly until yesterday 6pm UK time, and waited anxiously for the result until this morning.
When Mr. Evans realized he had won, he tweeted a very sweet, personal message for his fandom, the people that had supported and voted for him, as a “Thank you”, and yes, they knew who he meant!

Luke Evans' tweet

“The power of fandom” tweeted by Luke Evans

That tweet was so warm, friendly and personal, it made all the previous work worthwhile!
The only thing that ruined this special moment for his Luketeers a bit, was how GQ had handled it. The writer for GQ, that had run and written for the GQ ‘Battle Of The Bonds ‘poll, a Mr. Max Williams, who can be found at his Twitter account @maxwykeham, has an interesting writing style. While I may enjoyed some clever remarks as witty and funny, I could interpret others as veiled insults or backhanded compliments. This morning the article about Luke Evans winning the poll was online for 1 hour before GQ Magazine even tweeted it! Fans were already congratulating Mr. Evans and each other until, finally, GQ officially made their announcement.

Congratulatin Tweet

Congratulation tweet created by @FrenchLuketeer on behalf of other fans

The second disappointment was the article that Mr. Williams had written for GQ Magazine. After all those hints at “Pride” and “proud” I don’t find his article very polite or professional. We all know what Luke Evans’ Wiki page says, there is really no need to repeat it 3 times in one paragraph just to maybe further one’s personal agenda. Don’t try to claim a celebrity as a poster child for your own purposes, that is not the right thing to do.

I am tired of political correctness. It shouldn’t matter if a person is black or white, male or female to become President Of The United States. We should just elect the best person for the job!
It also makes no difference if an actor is black or white, or what he does in his personal life. A studio should select, in an ideal world, an actor based on his talent and if he has the right look for the role! Luke Evans looks very much like a James Bond with his masculine, chiseled face. He has proven he can play not only dark roles, but he also stood next to Vin Diesel, who highly recommended him for the next James Bond, in front of cameras in the action movie ‘Fast & Furious 6’. So he is obviously well qualified. His personal life has nothing to do with it!

It is one thing what I write on my personal blog or what Mr. Williams writes for GQ Magazine. We just expected a magazine with a good reputation like that to be a little more classy.

To finish this story, we just saw an interesting article by Deadline Hollywood about auctioning off the rights to the next James Bond movie. Several studios like Warner, MGM and Paramount are part of the chase. It looks like it’s going to be a wild ride until the next studio and the next James Bond will team up, but we really hope that this James Bond poll put the name Luke Evans on people’s radars, and studios and agents are taking notice!

Fan’s Voices On Social Media And Their Impact On Selecting The Next James Bond

Tom Hardy vs Luke Evans round 2

We have written before about the importance of an actor’s visibility on Social Media. If equally qualified actors compete for the same role, a studio might pick the one that is more active, talked about and followed on Social Media.
We also speculated about the next James Bond in a previous article. But there have been some interesting new developments lately. Entertainment Weekly correctly writes “Somehow it’s become unofficial law that Idris Elba’s name must be a part of any conversation about who would be the next best James Bond.”
So when Anthony Horowitz, the author of a new James Bond novel, said in an interview that Idris Elba is “too street” he caused an outrage and quickly apologized on Twitter.

Elba appeared on several TV shows and gave interviews, but denied that there was any truth to the rumors after the ‘Sony Leak’.

Then the British GQ Magazine started their James Bond weeks in time for the premiere of the new 007 movie ‘SPECTRE’ with articles about the Bonds of the past, the cars, the style and they announced a James Bond poll!

Battle Of The Bonds

The Battle Of The Bonds by the British GQ Magazine

For one week fans could vote for one of eight candidates or write in their own choice in a comment box. Apparently the name Luke Evans must have come up often enough because he was added to a list of ten contenders in a pre-round. By the end of that round the two with the least votes were eliminated and the remaining eight paired up.

End of the Pre-Round

By the end of the Pre Round Luke Evans was in 4th place

The Luke Evans fandoms were happy! He made it from not being on the list into the top four! But how would he do matched up against a strong contender like Idris Elba? GQ predicted a win by a “white Persian cat’s whisker” for Luke Evans, calling it the tie of the round! But with the strong support of his fans Mr. Evans beat Mr. Elba with the healthy margin of 63 percent!

prediction for round 1

British GQ Magazine’s prediction for round 1

During that first round some tweets suspected foul play when fans realized that the voting link for all candidates had the name of Idris Elba embedded. So everytime somebody shared their voting result using the link from GQ Magazine, it would show up under Elba’s mentions, which seemed an unfair advantage. But at the beginning of round 2 it became obvious that the complaints had been noticed when the remaining four semifinalists were introduced by GQ Magazine as shown:

Battle Of The Bonds

Beginning of Battle Of The Bonds, Tom Hardy versus Luke Evans

Now we have four contenders left competing for the next James Bond’s tuxedo. So far Henry Cavill has a clear lead over Aidan Turner and Luke Evans left Tom Hardy in the dust with a surprising 86 percent thanks to his fans voting, tweeting and supporting him.

fan's edit #LukeEvansFor007

Luke Evans for 007 edit by Rocio Ramirez

Using the hashtag #LukeEvansFor007 the so-called Luketeers are sharing their personal edits and interpretations of Luke Evans as the next Bond on Twitter.

#LukeEvansFor007 edit by Karla Marx

#LukeEvansFor007 edit by Karla Marx

Luke Evans edit by Jonny Gillard

Luke Evans edit by Jonny Gillard

Today we heard that another big name threw his support behind Luke Evans. Vin Diesel says as quoted by Digital Spy that his “Fast & Furious co-star Luke Evans should play James Bond.” Considering that Vin stood together with Luke in front of cameras in an action movie he would know what his co-star is capable of, and with a fan base of 100 million on Social Media his support means a lot. Maybe Sony Pictures already picked their next Bond actor, but even if they did, they must have taken notice how many people are talking and tweeting about Luke Evans.

This is what I personally love about Social Media. You can take a stand, engage yourself and all our voices together really do matter and can make a difference.

Luke Evans Talks Sex Scenes In ‘High Rise’ And Finally Getting A Chance To Sing In A Movie

Luke Evans High Rise sex scenes

Luke Evans has been making the rounds promoting his new film High Rise where he co-stars with Tom Hiddleston (The Avengers) and Sienna Miller (American Sniper).

The Ben Wheatley movie was premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) and the stars have been meeting fans and talking to the press about the anti-capitalist indie film.

During an interview published in El Mundo, the Welsh actor confessed sex scenes are not his favorite.

“Doing sex scenes in front of the camera is very uncomfortable for me. Also, these sequences are hard on the technical staff. When I saw the movie for the first time, there were scenes I didn’t remember filming. I don’t know what Ben put in my coffee, but it worked.”

Sienna Miller (American Sniper) said she couldn’t pass up the opportunity to work for Wheatley whom she called “one of the most stimulant directors with a unique, original script.”

Luke Evans adds his role was completely different than other offers he has received and Wheatley had enough faith in him to cast him as Richard Wilder, and he let the director exploit his limits.

High Rise, which has been well received by critics and is based on the 1975 novel of the same name by J.G. Ballard, tells the story of the residents of a skyscraper who face social injustices depending on where they live.

Luke Evans also spoke of spending a large portion of filming covered in blood for his scenes and how he finally gets to sing in a movie, a dream he’s had for many years.

I spent 20 days covered in blood, but I’m not complaining because I’m a professional.”

“I’ve been singing all my live. I’m from Wales, where you’re born singing. I spent 10-years doing musicals in London and I’ve waited a long time for a movie in which to display my musical talents.”

You can watch Luke Evans, Tom Hiddleston, and Sienna Miller in High Rise which his scheduled to come to the U.S. on September 26.

[Image via Recorded Picture Company]

Superheroes And Their Weaknesses And Disabilities

During a visit to my son’s college we were offered lectures on various subjects, and I did chose one by Jay Boyar, Professor for Film, with the title ‘Superheroes With Disabilities’! Turns out that Professor Boyar used to work for Stan Lee at Marvel, and I really enjoyed listening to what he had to tell us.

Stan Lee for Marvel

Stan Lee for Marvel, picture by Getty Images

Since the early comics of the 1930’s superheroes always had to have a weakness to even out the odds and the playing field.  If those heroes would have been too powerful, their stories would have been over too quickly. Superman was allergic to Kryptonite, Aquaman couldn’t leave his element, water, for too long and Wonder Woman was really into bondage! Boyar said he couldn’t believe what the writers of Wonder Woman got away with in those days, after all those comic books back then had to be no more than level PG.

Wonder Woman and bind games

Wonder Woman and her bind games or bondage

Some time in the 1960’s a dramatic change happened. Stan Lee with his comic books transferred superheroes imaginary weaknesses to regular disabilities real people might face. Stan Lee quote: ” The characters would be the kind of characters I could personally relate to. They’d be flesh and blood, and they’d have their faults and foibles; they’d be fallible and feisty.” The question comes up if he had any experience personally with disabilities himself or in his family, but the answer is “no”. It was very unusual to think of people’s disabilities in the 1960’s. Back then we were not as sensitive or concerned about that subject.

Stan Lee with the help of Jack Kirby and Steve Ditko worked on a formula to get his superheroes right. He had a vision of new Marvel characters.

Steve Ditko at Marvel

Steve Ditko working for Marvel

Jack Kirby at Marvel

Jack Kirby working for Marvel

This fact about the flaws and disabilities of the superheroes is well known, but hardly ever gets commented on or pointed out. It gets largely overlooked, and I never realized the common factor until Professor Boyar pointed it out. So one new hero of the 60’s had an eye patch like Nick Furry, The Shield. But he changed over the years too from the war hero and veteran in the comic to the latest Nick Furry of The Avengers.

The old Nick Furry

Nick Furry Agent Of Shield in the comic book

the new Nick Furry

The new Nick Furry in The Avengers movie by Marvel

Quoting Will Jacobs and Gerald Jones:” By 1963 Lee had finally found the formula to ensure that all his heroes possessed the originality he sought. The key to the formula lay in the idea of a flawed hero…..Lee and his collaborators moved on to develop heroes who were more subtly impaired, either by common handicaps or spiritual unease.”  So the new superheroes have real disabilities. They are mentally, physically or emotionally challenged. There is also a link between their disability and their power. Thor needed a walking stick which turns into a hammer. The Daredevil is blind and his cane turns into his weapon when he changes forms.



Dr. Strange was a surgeon until a car accident destroyed his hand nerves, Iron Man has a weak heart, the Hulk and the Thing have no real disabilities, but monstrous appearances. Spider Man has an emotional challenge, he is very neurotic. In one scene he actually visits a psychiatrist while in full costume! The only real exceptions, that have no handicaps after they became a superhero are Captain America, Antman and the Sub-Mariner. It makes you wonder why nobody did ever stress the fact of the handicaps or flaws before! Stan Lee was certainly ahead of his time in recognizing the existence of disabilities. I also think it makes the heroes more relatable to all of us flawed and average people.


The “neurotic” Spider Man by Marvel

Marvel Comics innovations of the 1960’s:

Stories set in real locations like New York City

Superheroes with character flaws

Characters with realistic emotional lives

Superheroes with financial problems

Superheroes without secret identities

Frequent meet-ups among superheroes

Stories with complex political content

Superheroes with disabilities…………..so just like some of us!

Waiting For Mr. Wilder To Make It To The Top Of The High Rise Movie!

Ever since High Rise was a wrap on August 4th 2014 fans of J.G.Ballard as well as the many fandoms of Luke Evans and Tom Hiddleston have been waiting impatiently for the release of this independent film.

anniversary tweet by Dan Martin

Anniversary tweet of the wrap on High Rise

To get a better understanding and to pass the time I read the book. It was not easy, lots of metaphors, not many dialogues, disturbingly dark and unsettling. It describes how a class war erupts inside a luxury apartment building between the residents of the lower floors and the elite residing on top. Elevators, the pool and hallways become battlegrounds while the cocktail parties continue. Society unravels and the residents reverse back to primal animals driven by the law of the concrete jungle they live in.
Luke Evans plays Wilder, a burly macho living with his family on one of the lower floors. The book describes his ascend through ruthless fighting to the top of the building, while Dr. Laing, played by Tom Hiddleston, a resident of one of the higher middle floors, is trying to understand what is going on around him and with himself during parties and affairs with his female neighbors.

It was upsetting to read how the pets in the high rise become a food source for the residents, or rape and murder of neighbors the new norm in a competition of survival of the fittest. But I also kept wondering how this book would translate into a movie. If Mr. Wheatley stayed true to the storyline of the book we would be in for some very interesting scenes!

For a long time fans had been asking on social media for a trailer of the highly anticipated movie until on May 27th Luke Evans did retweet a post from Tony McGregor of a “high rise trailer”! Just not exactly the one we all had been waiting for!

high rise trailer

Not exactly the high rise trailer we had in mind!

On August 25th the twitter account of High-Rise movie finally announced the World Premiere for Sunday 13th September at the Elgin Theatre during the Toronto Film Festival! The Rollingstone lists High-Rise among the must see movies!

Now we were getting one announcement after the other! High-rise will be shown next at Fantastic Fest according to LA Times and then it will head on over to London to be shown at BFI where it is one of the 7 films you have to see if you believe Mashable.

Now after waiting all this time for a trailer of the High Rise movie we just saw a post by slashfilm that there will be no High Rise trailer! Well, it’s only another 11 days to go until the World Premiere and it is not looking good for us fans! But it would be nice if people writing or tweeting about this film would acknowledge the whole first class cast besides Tom Hiddleston…..there is Luke Evans as Wilder, known as Bard from The Hobbit, Jeremy Irons playing the character Royal, Sienna Miller, Elisabeth Moss and more!

Then there is also the subject of distribution. German fans are afraid they might have to wait a year, no distributors yet for the UK or the US. It is a tough life being a fan! I really hope we all get to see it eventually and be able to compare it to the book!

To Film Or Not To Film – The Musical Chairs Game Of Luke Evans’ Many Projects

I want to start with one of Luke’s quotes: “It’s just hard to get an independent film made.”
At the beginning of 2015 it looked as if the new year would be packed full with so many new projects for Luke Evans that our heads were spinning! He wrapped up his part in Message from The King very quickly earlier this year in March.
While we were waiting for filming for Free Fire by Ben Wheatley to begin, we got the wonderful news Luke was cast as Gaston in the new big screen adaptation of Beauty And The Beast!

Free Fire Movie

Free Fire by Ben Wheatley

Luke started filming as Gaston on April 7th, and we were wondering when he would have time for the rest of his lined up projects. Not only Free Fire, but also SAS Red Notice, and let’s not forget the debacle about The Crow, which we did describe in a previous article on here at Alto Media.

Five weeks ago, on July 18th, Luke posted from Philadelphia, where Three Seconds was supposed to start filming soon! Otto Bathurst, the director, tweeted back on August 6th “Go Luke!! #3SECONDS ready for you”.

Luke Evans July 18th

Luke Evans’ Post from July 18th

We watched posts and casting calls asking for hundreds of extras sought for filming the prison scenes in Greensburg during the following days.
Only three days ago, on August 22nd, Luke announced his wrap of Beauty And The Beast on his social media accounts with ” Last day on BATB today”.

We all expected for him to head to Philadelphia to start shooting Three Seconds, yet instead I woke up today to this article on PhillyChitChat by Hugh E Dillon! Shortly there was a second write up by Phillymag and later this by Project Casting. So as of now Three Seconds looks like it is not going to take off, but we have still hope they may be able to change location, as a lot of work and preparation has already gone into this project!

In the mean time we are looking forward to the release of High Rise at their World Premiere on Sunday September 13th at the Elgin Theatre during the Toronto Film Festival. Also Bonobos
has started playing in the United States and you can listen to the voice of Luke Evans!


Following Luke’s busy schedule certainly feels like playing musical chairs or Tetris! Without a doubt it keeps his fans on their toes always wondering what is next! Just as he himself once said, it is a wonder films ever get made considering all the blocks and hurdles they have to face, and that goes double for independent projects!