AltoMedia Fees

Having a strong, constant presence on social media can give your brand the boost it needs by putting it in front of the right people.

We offer our clients comprehensive packages to cover all their social media needs and are flexible with the understanding that some will have very specific requests. Fees will be negotiable on a yearly basis and first consultation is free.

Page set up (Twitter, Facebook, Google, Instagram, Pinterest, other): $200-$500/per page
Includes design, biographical information, about section, photo and video addition and all other relevant data to start a new social media page. Price doesn’t include Facebook, Twitter or Google Ads.

Page Maintenance: $500/month per page
Rate is per social media platform and includes research to update page with daily news, photos and video as appropriate. Rate also includes monitoring of page, fan engagement, and growing following, as well as responding to comments or retweeting relevant posts. Included are also engagement with other pages relevant to the client.

Social Media Consultation/Training: $50/hour
Meetings as requested by client can be conducted over Skype or FaceTime, if on remote location. Meetings in person could also be arranged when possible. Alto Media has locations in Miami, Florida and the Midwest.

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