AltoMedia was born from a love for all things Social Media and the entertainment industry. Creators Pat and Steffanie met on Twitter and realized they had many things in common. One of them being the ‘social’, in Social Media one of the most powerful promotion tools in modern marketing, the other a passion for graphic and digital design.

Together they started AltoMedia. Then a couple years later Pat decided to accept an offer to pursue a different path.


Steffanie was born and raised in Hamburg, Germany, but finished her BA in Fashion Design while living in Milan, Italy. Having close connections to Silk Manufacturers in Como, she became a Representative for many well known Fashion Houses and their distributors for the German market.

Having traveled extensively and being able to speak four languages, helped making the transition to Florida in the U.S. eight years later. There her passion for beauty and design turned into a second career as an Interior Decorator, working on many mansions in The Palm Beaches and beyond. Steffanie has 15-years of experience in managing multimillion dollar projects, working with celebrity clients, and enjoys interacting with people face to face, or on social media.

Having an artistic background and training in drawing, painting, working with layouts and floor-plans turned her interest to photo-shop, digital drawing and graphic design.


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