To Film Or Not To Film – The Musical Chairs Game Of Luke Evans’ Many Projects

I want to start with one of Luke’s quotes: “It’s just hard to get an independent film made.”
At the beginning of 2015 it looked as if the new year would be packed full with so many new projects for Luke Evans that our heads were spinning! He wrapped up his part in Message from The King very quickly earlier this year in March.
While we were waiting for filming for Free Fire by Ben Wheatley to begin, we got the wonderful news Luke was cast as Gaston in the new big screen adaptation of Beauty And The Beast!

Free Fire Movie

Free Fire by Ben Wheatley

Luke started filming as Gaston on April 7th, and we were wondering when he would have time for the rest of his lined up projects. Not only Free Fire, but also SAS Red Notice, and let’s not forget the debacle about The Crow, which we did describe in a previous article on here at Alto Media.

Five weeks ago, on July 18th, Luke posted from Philadelphia, where Three Seconds was supposed to start filming soon! Otto Bathurst, the director, tweeted back on August 6th “Go Luke!! #3SECONDS ready for you”.

Luke Evans July 18th

Luke Evans’ Post from July 18th

We watched posts and casting calls asking for hundreds of extras sought for filming the prison scenes in Greensburg during the following days.
Only three days ago, on August 22nd, Luke announced his wrap of Beauty And The Beast on his social media accounts with ” Last day on BATB today”.

We all expected for him to head to Philadelphia to start shooting Three Seconds, yet instead I woke up today to this article on PhillyChitChat by Hugh E Dillon! Shortly there was a second write up by Phillymag and later this by Project Casting. So as of now Three Seconds looks like it is not going to take off, but we have still hope they may be able to change location, as a lot of work and preparation has already gone into this project!

In the mean time we are looking forward to the release of High Rise at their World Premiere on Sunday September 13th at the Elgin Theatre during the Toronto Film Festival. Also Bonobos
has started playing in the United States and you can listen to the voice of Luke Evans!


Following Luke’s busy schedule certainly feels like playing musical chairs or Tetris! Without a doubt it keeps his fans on their toes always wondering what is next! Just as he himself once said, it is a wonder films ever get made considering all the blocks and hurdles they have to face, and that goes double for independent projects!

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