Minions 2015 Review – A Great Sequel Or Overkill?

After having seen a preview which had me laughing out loud, I was really looking forward to this movie! The big box office opening was very promising and I couldn’t wait to see it. Minions started out great and I was enjoying the story of their origins. We learn where they came from and how they meet Despicable Me in the end.

hitchhiking Minions

Minions hitchhiking to VillainCon in Orlando

At first it was one laugh after the other. As ABC News writes in their review “After many years living in an ice cave, the once proud minion race is listless and depressed. That’s when one of them — his name is Kevin — gets an idea: he’ll save his kind by leaving the cave and finding a new master.

Kevin recruits guitar-loving fellow minion Stuart and junior minion Bob for his trek, which lands them at Villain-Con (nice timing, releasing the movie the weekend of Comic-Con), where they discover the most fearsome, intelligent, cunning villain of all: Scarlett Overkill (Sandra Bullock). Every henchman, henchwoman and henchfish wants to work for Scarlett, but only Kevin, Stuart and Bob have the goods to land the gig. But is Scarlett the right master for the minions, or is she too evil?” It was a nice story, the timing with San Diego ComicCon for the opening was very clever, but it felt a bit thin and flimsy.

After a while it was just a little too much. I’m not even sure if it can be called a kid’s movie. There were many jokes and references that would not be understood by young ones, and there are some scary scenes like getting chased by an evil man with a chainsaw into a telephone booth, that are not really appropriate for a young audience. Overall I have to agree with the comment of one reviewer on Rotten Tomatoes “There’s a reason I loved the teaser trailer for this: it was 2 and a half minutes”!

Keep calm

Keep Calm and…..judge for yourself!

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