Just Say No – We All Need To Use Social Media To Rally Against World Dog Show 2019 In China

As an animal lover and dog owner this article is close to my heart! Most of us have seen the horrific pictures shown on Social Media of dogs being tortured alive, thrown into boiling water or burnt by blow torches, to be eaten at the Yulin Dog Meat Festival in China.
I remember the story of a little Chinese girl whose dog got kidnapped out of her home’s yard, and her heart break when she recognized his butchered little body on a market. It is terrible enough to eat dogs, but to take pets that are loved by somebody is the epitome of evil.

Celebrities against Yulin

Celebrities joining the fight against the Yulin dog torture festival

Many celebrities have joined Ricky Gervais and Simon Cowell in their fight against the senseless and brutal torture of our best friends. Barbara Streisand signed a petition, Daisy Fuentes tweeted about it, and we all need to do our part.
A staggering amount of signatures had been collected trying to stop Yulin. But even though we couldn’t prevent it, we can’t stop now. Almost every day I read a story of another truck loaded with dogs being pulled over by activists trying to save them from sure death like quoted in an article by the Humane Society International. According to this article “Between August and December of last year, thousands of activists took part in highway rescues of dogs on trucks bound for northeast China’s dog meat markets. Of 23 attempts, 18 trucks carrying more than 8,000 dogs were successfully pulled over”

Dogs for sale to be tortured and slaughtered

Dogs for sale to be tortured and slaughtered

I am trying to be sensitive and spare you the worst pictures I found, as I know some people don’t have the stomach for it, but let me assure you I would rather watch a horror movie than to look at those testaments of animal cruelty.

But to add insult to injury, it became known a few weeks ago that China was awarded to host the 2019 World Dog Show! Where I come from we call this letting the fox guard the hen house. I was so outraged learning about this, I was speechless, a very rare event. Now we have three years to stop this absurd parody. Let’s retweet every article, sign any petition, donate to Animal Rights organizations, support any actor or celebrity in their fight against the #WorldDogShow2019, boycott products from China……I don’t even want to eat Chinese anymore.

A great example, thank you Elisabeth

A great example, thank you Elisabeth

There are a lot of changes happening in China as described by the Humane Society International “In late June, celebrities like Ricky Gervais and Simon Cowell used social media to highlight the atrocities of the Yulin dog meat festival causing immense international outcry over the dog meat trade in China. In the months leading up to the Yulin festival, thousands of Chinese activists took to the streets across China to protest the consumption of dog meat in China, and call for the Yulin festival to be shut down. Younger generations of Chinese, who are becoming more urban and adopting a culture of pet care and companionship, are becoming less tolerant and more outspoken about animal abuse. Join the fight: Support our lifesaving efforts”

Join the fight, do what you can, follow @rickygervias, @SimonCowell and @Protect_Wildlife


Say No to Yulin Dog Meat Festival

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