Richard Armitage Talks Cyberbullying And Reality TV

Richard Armitage cyberbullying

Richard Armitage did a fascinating interview for Cybersmile, an organization that focuses on cyberbullying and took the opportunity discuss reality TV and social media. As usual, it’s revealing.

He calls himself shy and anyone who is a fan can certainly see that in the handsome, tall, and dark Armitage, which can be confused with broodiness. The news that he was named a Cybersmile Ambassador made his fans happy and they’re ready promote the heck out of this cause.

In an exclusive interview with the organization — posted on their website — Richard Armitage talked about his experience with social media so far. It took what seemed like forever for him to finally be convinced to join — which was his birthday present to fans last year — and he’s still not sure about it, but has strong feelings about abusers and is ready to take a stand for the innocent. Awww!

“I have always been prepared for social media to be an experiment. I have asked on my Twitter feed for users to avoid bad language if they can, I’m aware that there are very young, old, and just sensitive people who may be frightened away. And as my Twitter feed is ‘my bar’ you have to play by ‘my rules’ if you don’t like it, you are free to go elsewhere. I’d happily have no followers at all than nasty abusive ones.”

“Block and Mute are two gifts that twitter have given us. But I’m also not averse to shutting the whole thing down and pulling the plug. For young people this is much more difficult, as they may become ostracized. I do think we are all much more aware of Cyberbullying, but regulations aren’t really going to work, we have to be responsible for each other.”

“Your words ricochet, they can be read and re-read, long after you have forgotten about it. Be good to each other.”

These statements should come as no surprise to anyone who knows Richard Armitage. His thoughtfulness comes through every time he does an interview and talks in depth about his latest roles. Fans respect and admire that in his personality.

The Hobbit star also has decided opinions about the whole reality TV issue and it’s not a favorable one, but it’s refreshing:

“The one thing that fills me with a sinking feeling, are the endless reality shows which seem to foster extremes of negative, dishonorable, rude arrogant behavior.”

“From The Real Housewives of…pretty much everywhere”; adults reduced to hair pulling, name calling, playground behavior, to the rather more serious, extremely offensive racist remarks that President Obama received via Twitter, it seems that bullying has become a kind of entertainment, and ‘in extremis’…a hate crime…the entertainment industry has a lot to answer for.”

Richard confesses that part of his shyness is that he never particularly liked himself when he was younger, courtesy of mean kids that bullied him because he was different. “I read a lot, played a lot of music, dreamed a lot. I love getting into the skin of another person, living lives I’ll never live. Imagining.” the 43-year-old says.

If you follow him on Twitter, you have seen that Richard is always polite and respectful and he expects the same from his followers, which is high expectations when it comes to the social media world. But he makes very clear how important it is to watch what you say.

“Well everyone is a critic aren’t they. And the printed word can often look like ‘critical analysis’. There are professional critics and arm chair critics but after all, everything is always opinion. You are free to have yours, and you may choose to share that opinion or keep it quietly to yourself. Remember that your opinion isn’t necessarily the same as someone else.”

“Debate is great, and being right or wrong isn’t the point. The ability to discuss and enjoy disagreeing in harmony is where our culture began; in the philosophical forums of Ancient Greece. Live and let live, agree to disagree, be prepared to have your mind changed but accept that some people like ‘red’ and some prefer ‘blue’. Chicken or Beef, Beach or Snow, Dogs or Cats, Beard or Clean Shaven 🙂 everything is valid.”

We told you he has very defined opinions, but he can also be funny and has quickly learned the art of sharing awesome selfies on social media. You can follow Richard on Twitter @RCArmitage if you know what’s best for you.

Go to Cybersmile to read the entire, fascinating interview with Richard Armitage.

[Image via Richard Armitage/Twitter]

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