Henry Cavill Pulls Out Of ‘Stratton’ Adaption — Say It Ain’t So!

A conflict in vision has apparently resulted in Henry Cavill pulling out of the Stratton adaptation, according to a tweet from GFM Films, the production company which was bringing Duncan Falconer’s story to life starring Superman.

Screen Daily news editor, Micheal Rosser tweeted the shocking news earlier Thursday morning, which was quickly confirmed by GFM Films — which was providing finance and worldwide sales and was selling the film at Marché du Film in Cannes last week — alongside Cavill’s own production company Promethean Productions.

Henry Cavill Stratton

Henry Cavill in Stratton

The news that Henry Cavill is pulling out of the role he was seen training for and sounded so excited to undertake, comes less than a week before the production was set to start filming on June 2. According to the report GFM co-founder, Guy Collins, was now informing distributors informing them of Cavill’s departure.

“…during several meetings this week in London with both sets of producers including Henry Cavill, he told us he has decided not to shoot this script at this time. He had a different vision of what the film should be to us and the production team and wanted to delay production until September and shoot a different story and script.”

Henry Cavill exits Stratton

Henry Cavill training for Stratton (Image via The Flair Bears/Facebook)

So it seems Henry wasn’t thrilled with the direction producers wanted to take the adaptation, which we know is near and dear to his heart. Cavill’s brother Nik is a Royal Marine and he has been very involved with the Royal Marine Trust Fund, which helps returning war veterans and their families.

Collins added that the producers are shocked as this was totally unexpected, so close to the start of filming.

“We want to keep the production team together and Simon West as director so we have no option other than to exercise our rights under our funding agreements and replace Henry – which is not an easy task.”

The news also comes on the day were Henry Cavill has been supposedly cast as Jack Hyde, in the sequels, Fifty Shades Darker and Fifty Shades Freed (listed on IMDB, but not confirmed yet).

There has been no comment from Henry Cavill’s agency or Duncan Falconer, who has kept fans updated on his Facebook page and shared some pics of Henry training for Stratton just last week. To say that millions of fans are sorely disappointed would be a major understatement, but we await to hear from Henry as to what transpired and confirmation about the Fifty Shades of Grey sequels.

[Image via Duncan Falconer/Facebook]

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