How Twitter’s #AddAProfessionRuinAMovie Gives Blockbuster Movies A Funny Twist!

Bellboy by @ImageMadness

According to Independent, a new hashtag on Twitter, #AddAProfessionRuinAMovie, was the top trend in the UK last evening and it’s making its way across the Atlantic sweeping the USA and Canada today.

A Twitter account by the name of @2GirlsAndATag claim to be responsible for this game. Who doesn’t enjoy a good laugh? Just add a profession to an iconic film’s title and see what happens.

Some prime examples of #AddAProfessionRuinAMovie are Jurassic Park Ranger, Conan The Librarian, The Exterminator with Schwarzenegger or The Texas Chain Store Manager!

It goes on with Gone With The Window Cleaner by @Roisin_OConnor, The Greenkeeper Mile by @JonnieConcrete, Policemen In Black by @IcyRainbow, Landlord Of The Rings by @silverage12, The Princess Bride’s Gynaecologist via @kingedhill, and many more.

The Exterminator by @Schmovie

The Exterminator by @Schmovie

Please check out the hashtag #AddAProfessionRuinAMovie for yourself and be creative, play along and add your own funny version of a Hollywood blockbuster movie. You can share your creation in the space below.

[Image via The Image Madness/Twitter]

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