To Outsource Or Not To Outsource Social Media For Busy Actors

Outsource social media

If you’re an up and coming actor you want to have all your social media sites in order to reach as many fans as possible and grow your base.

Nowadays social media for an actor is just as important as having a good agent getting them those awesome roles, which could eventually land them the part that will propel their career into stardom. But how can they find the time to do it all?

The simple answer is, it’s not easy. With barely enough hours in the day to do everything a busy actor has to do, who has time for checking Facebook or Twitter at the end of an exhausting day?

It’s one thing to run your page on any social media outlets when you are getting small parts, as your free time is more your own, but what happens when all of a sudden you’re working non-stop? That’s when we come in.

Of course there’s always a down side to having someone administering your social media pages for you, but it doesn’t have to be a bad thing. In previous experiences managing now-successful actors’ pages, I learned that most want to stay involved in the administration of their social media, which is probably the best solution for both parties.

As a business we want to reach as many clients as possible and help them reach that audience, but this doesn’t preclude the actor from staying directly involved in their social media.

We all follow those accounts in which our favorite actor takes a few minutes to share what they’re up to and fans love them for it. You will never have more loyal fans than those you share bits of your life with, but you won’t have time to do that in all stages of your career.

A public Facebook page can be a great place to keep fans who use the social media platform up-to-date on your latest projects and public engagements. It’s the ideal place to hear what your fans think about this or that film or interview and it is also a great place to interact. Fans like to know their comments are being read by someone, even if it’s not the star itself.

Most level minded fans realize an actor’s life is hectic and social media is probably the last thing they want to do after filming all day and traveling the world. An administrator helps solve that problem, but actors can still share their own little selfies whenever they feel like it.

Social media outsourcing is not for everyone, but you should consider it if you want to stay engaged with your fans, even if your life is hectic and you don’t have time for Facebook and Twitter everyday.

[Image via Chris Evans/Twitter]

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