How Social Media Has Changed The Way In Which Actors Interact With Fans

social media and actors

Social media has revolutionized the way in which actors and other members of the entertainment business interact with fans and each other.

We have never been more connected, but that doesn’t only apply to regular folks, it also extends to actors, directors, producers, and movie studios as everyone tries to make the most out of this free marketing tool. Fans naturally love it, because they have never had more access to their favorite stars.

It’s a double edge sword though. As with anything that has to do with Hollywood (and we use that term loosely, to encompass all of entertainment), once the public gets a hold of a celebrity on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram they want more and they’re seldom happy.

Any actor who uses social media will tell you there is a great side to it (interacting with fans who enjoy social media) and a bad side (getting harassed and propositioned on a regular basis). This is similar to what happens in the real world with paparazzi following the rich and famous’ every move and constantly breaking boundaries.

Not everyone who joins social media knows how to use it properly and that’s why many are reluctant to join. For actors, putting themselves out there leaves them exposed to trolls (which is never fun) and rude or inappropriate comments. So what  can you do if you’re in this position?

Ignoring and not taking it seriously is the best advice. In many cases other fans call out the trolls and they back away. The block or report keys are a good thing to use if you just can’t take it and don’t be shy. Nobody should be harassing you because they’re famous, but you have to have a thick skin and understand it comes with the territory. It can get personal.

In a perfect world, everyone is polite and respectful and social media is a fun experience for all, but unfortunately that’s now how things happen. You will see the best, in the people who want to see you succeed, but you will also run into some unsavory characters.

The best advise is to remember that it’s only social media and while it can further your career as never before and let you engage with you fans, social media has a dark side.

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